This poem was written in a hurry, it's not one of my better ones.
Set me Free
By Kara Mitchell

I just can't seem to escape you,
Please set me free,
I can see it happening again,
Just set me free,
You are hunting me down,
Set me free,
Subconsconciously you are reeling me in,
Please set me free,
pity me , i'm  thinking about you again,
Why cant you just set me free?,
I always think that you care,
Then you pull a stunt,
I begin to hate you,
Then you pull me back in,
I'm sitting here alone again,,
Drinking this crap in,,
Trying to swallow the pain,
you hurt me again,
I always think that you feel for me,
But then you  hurt me once more to make me feel human again,
An endless circle of pain,
Set me free,,
i don't want to grieve for you again,
Please set me fre
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