September 16, 2003
Dear Diary,

I'm going to try to keep this thing going, i'm not sure how well it will go, but this is what i call my online college and life survival diary, anything put on here is pretty much public knowledge, since it can be accessed by pretty much anyone.  Who knows who is reading this crap that i stick on here?  Yeah in case you don't know already, i'm a little weird!  Anyways, my Psych 108 teacher told her class that we have to keep a journal, so here is part of mine.  And in case you don't know this already, i have problems keeping a journal or diary going, but hopefully this one will be easy to keep going, i will try to write in here as much as possible so that your sad self has something to entertain you!  How sad that you have to stoop to reading something so personal of mine like this!  Hahaha anyways,  I hope that this doesn't bore you, and that you enjoy reading my sick, sad encounters of life. Since this is the first entry, i will spare you of all the weird happenings of today, and will leave you with a simple Goodbye!

   I hope you like today's entry! i hope that this entry didn't bore you too much
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