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Hey guys! the purpose of this part of the  website, is basically to give me somewhere to tell you a little bit about myself, but you probably know everything there is to tell! :)  That could be a bad thing for me huh?
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As you know, i love writing poetry, singing, and writing songs. Sadly, i can't play an instrument yet, but i am working on it!  Until then i have lyrics to songs, to sing acapella!  Oh boy huh? Well i am hoping to learn something soon, so we will see how it goes.
My friends are weird, and my family is dysfunctional! what more do i need to say?  To top it off, i'm taking a psychology class titled "Identifying and helping survivors of dysfunctional families".  Sound like my family should be the teachers?  yeah i think so!  Anyways!!!  Oh yeah, I'm British! Any thing else i should add?
Quote of the Month:
"Razors pain you, Rivers are damp, Acids stain you, and Drugs cause cramps.  Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give.  Gas smells awful; So you might as well live!" Unknown
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