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 There are guys in Alaska training and building jeeps to win the Rainforest Challenge, so all you Malaysian better watch out they'll be coming with big jeeps fitted with big V8s with huge Swamper tyres. But will they be able to cope with Ulu Terengganu's hot, humid jungle, leaches and mosquitoes? better yet, what about the Aussies? can they beat them? We'll soon find out. Check out the Fourwheeler Magazine website under "Truck & Events- Welcome to the Jungle"


4x4 Show at Bundusan

    There's not much happening here in Sabah but our neighbour Bruneian 4WD friends went to troubled Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Brunei International Challenge 2001 last 19 days through 5,718km covering Brunei, Sarawak, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. 30 vehicles formed the convoi of 104 peoples. Rumors says some European journalists chicken out and took a flight home, can't blame them because it was a bad time to enter Kalimantan with the Dayaks and Madurese killing each other. Check out the local Pacuan 4 Roda Magazine for more info.  
Borneo Safari 2000     Meanwhile, back in Sabah, our annual Borneo Safari 2001 will take place in November and there are plenty of time for the would be contestants to tweak their vehices (diff locks and PTO winch will help). Hopefully the organizer will let the bigger 4WDs to try the trail first (in the selection trial) so the spectators wont have to wait for the smaller 4WDs winching their slow electric winch (hohuum...we have to pick our sons at school you know). The 2000 Safari VCDs are available at local 4x4 shops for RM20 buck so check it out. You can also find the Wong Kwok 4x4 Show held last year interesting.  
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