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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello everyone, I Welcome you all to my homepage.  My homepage will deal with the things I am passionate about i.e., Travel and music. Right now, I have a story for you all which looks as if it is a script for a Hollywood blockbuster. But, it is about the adventure me and my friends underwent during one of our trekking expeditions to a territory unknown to us.

Click here for the trekking story.

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Information regarding the actual date of reopening of engineering colleges in Karnataka is needed. if anybody has confirmed information regarding the date of reopening of colleges please mail into [email protected]. [Well, I visited R.V.C.E. today and was told by the staff present there that 'the college for semesters 3,5 and 7 will begin from September 1st and they have not received any information from the management regarding postponement of reopening dates and were not likely to receive so, even though V.T.U  officially declared that September 8th is the reopening date of colleges'.]    


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Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from the trek. In days to come I shall add more pictures from the trek. Some chat circles.
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