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 Welcome to my photo gallery. right now I have some pictures from the trek taken from my camera. I will be updating this section as soon as possible.

Vinay and Avinash standing on top of one of the bridges we encountered

the morning after the eventful day

one of the wallpaper snaps

on top of platform just below the bridge

My favourite wallpaper snap

another one

Pradeep with the tortoise, somewhere in the escape route

Manohar upto something!

At the entrance of a tunnel

Me, Vipul and Manohar

Snap of the group

Me and Pradeep at the top a bridge

Beginning of a tunnel

Kitta, Karthik, Vipul and your's truely


walk along the track

on top a bridge

trek along the track

Vipul upto something mischevious at three feet above the ground

under arrest

another bridge

gathering over the bridge


walk on the track

Me and vipul at donigal station. it's where we started the trek

a small tunnel

At Donigal station

walk on the track

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