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Welcome to my Web site!

This is a page that describes my personal and professional experiences.

Hello my name is Nishant Ratnakar and I am a native of South Canara district of Karnataka. Bangalore has been my home since last 14 years (and I don't know how I am going to live in some other place).

I am currently a student of Information Science engineering studying in R.V.C.E , Bangalore in Karnataka state in India.

I love computers, music and traveling. My ultimate passion lies in traveling to unknown terrains (in short I love adventure of all kinds) and making new friends. Meghalaya is one of the interesting places I had been to so far. so, "Kublai" to anybody from Shillong who happens to come across this webpage.

Of late, I have discovered a new found love and an interest in marketing and I dream about doing an M.B.A.,  an Indian dream.

But one cherished dream (like anybody else who has at least one 'next to impossible dreams') is to set foot on all the continents and someday go biking across the silk route ( how about Bangalore to Beijing).

70's rock, Pink Floyd and the guitar are some of the things which provides nourishment to my soul.   

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