Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get the games onto my calculator?

You need to buy the TI Graph Link cable (sold separately) which connects your calculator to your computer.

What does it mean that the games are for MirageOS?

MirageOS is an application that acts like an operating system for the TI83 Plus, made by Detached Solutions, which can only play certain programs speialized to be read by MirageOS. MirageOS is a highly recomended download, and you can get it for free on the Detached Solutions website.

Can MirageOS games be played without MirageOS?

Yes, they operate just like any other program would.

Where can I learn to program on my calculator?

The back of the TI manual that comes with your calculator contains a reference manual for programming commands and how to use them. The language is essentially the same language as visual basic on the PC which is easy and fun to learn.

Why don't you have more programs?

We currently have few programs because both Chris and david are in Junior year of high school (for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, this year requires a load of work), so we don't have much free time. We also have the habit of only making programs when we are particularly inspired to make something out of necessity or desire, which only happens now and then. And finally, we just began this site, and we have many programs that aren't on the site yet but will be very soon.

Does NitroTears Games do this for any particular reaon?

No, we make these games just for fun. So...yes, if you consider that a reason. But we're not expecting to gain anything out of this, no.

How strange is Chris?

Oh...he's plenty strange.

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