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Our Purpose: Our purpose is to provide the good people of this planet with some good programs that work with the good calculators that the good people own.Currently we make games only for the TI83 Plus in BASIC code.

Current programmers:
David - 2 programs
Chris - 0 programs


I am 16 years old and I enjoy (passionately) music and ping-pong and drawing, and I enjoy (semi-passionately) running, programming, pole-vaulting, computers, and the number 8, which is equal to everything. I was introduced to programming on the TI83+ in October, 2001, and have been programming ever since. I also write all the html for this site and my other sites. Using visual page editors is for rookies.
Languages: html, VB
Other Websites:
NitroTears Games Stagecast (different from this site)
Everything Equals Eight (my website about the number 8)


I am 16 years old and I am severely messed up, to the extend that I'm, well, just really strange. You probably don't want to know me. You want to play my games though.

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