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Well, I finally found the guts  to make my own TMNT website. And here it is. I hope you like what is here :o)
Find out more about Ninjalara.
Includes both ninja turtle and fanfic character (Can't Wash It Away) bios.
Provides descriptions and links to Can't Wash It Away, Sim Turtles, The Glass Prison and The Right Guy.
About lil old me.
Character Profiles.
Fan fics.
Includes: Chemistry Stuff ups, What Would You Do?, Fanfic FAQ and The Next Mutation for beginners.
Learn about the true sewer dwelling turtle! Find out more about Ninjalara.
The Real TMNT
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Website News and Updates.
Saturday 29th April:

- I have changed how Fanfic FAQs are done. Now it's all forum based.

- I have updated the
Links page because there were some websites on there that I now hate.

- I have updated the
fanfiction page in order to link to my newest fics.

Friday 25th November:

- Well, it seems this is my yearly update for 2005 ::rolls eyes:: I've updated my fanfiction page so now it includes links to 'Fall of the Clan', 'The Genetic Prison' and 'Illusion'. Hopefully there will be more updates shortly especially concerning character profiles and fanfic FAQs, as now I'm under a bit more motivation because of the new 'no replying to reviewers' rule that fanfiction.net has just recently introduced.

Sunday 10th October:

- A new page has been added called
All About TMNT Fanfiction, located in the Miscellaneous section. It's aimed to help newbie fanfic writers, and for other authors to add onto.

- I've added my newest fic, Mary Sue, to my fanfiction page. Hopefully I'll have the FAQ up for it within the next couple of weeks.

Sunday 15th August:

- Donatello's profile is finally up!

- Fixed up the fanfiction links sinc
e ff.net had changed them.

Sunday 25th July

- Eep! It's been a very long while! You'll be pleased to know my fanfic The Concrete Prison is completed, and
a fanfic FAQ is up!

Tuesday 23rd Marc

- Wow, I haven't updated in a while. Just a few little upgrades and link fixups.
The links page has been updated, including alternatives to Neopets and Raphaella's fan site (sorry it took so long!). Hopefully with my exams being nearly over, I'll have time to do some major updates.

Monday 12th J

- My certificates for the 2003 TMNT Fanfiction Awards have been added to
the fanfiction page. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and a special thanks goes out to Ziptango who hosted and created the awards.

- A
links page has been added.

- 'What Would Yo
u Do?' results updated.

Sunday 4th Jan (200

- I now have fan art!! Yay! Hopefully it won't be the las

Saturday 20th

- The sequel for 'The Glass Prison' is being posted on fanfiction.net. It's called 'The Concrete Prison'. A chapter will be released every three days to give me time to write the next one. The fic details has been added
to my fanfic page.

A new What Would You Do? scenario has been posted. This time you can choose what question to answer, or, if you're bored, you can answer both.

I don't own any of the Ninja Turtle characters and I'm not making any money through using them in artworks and stories. I do however own my fan art graphics and fanfiction.
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