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Can't Wash It Away is one really big crossover. When you read it, you will notice a lot of things from a lot of different movies. The main characters are not the Ninja Turtles, but are based on them. Don't worry, the TMNT are still in there.

Well, all three parts are going to take a LONG time to write so it will probably take a long time to read. Better get started then. ;o)

This Fan Fic is rated PG-13 for violence, sexual situations and adult themes.

Description: Follows the lives of five mutants as they fight against the impossible, make friends with the TMNT and try to come to grips with reality.

Status: Part One Completed. Second part is going to be a separate fanfic.
Can't Wash It Away.
SimTurtles is my second fanfic. You could say it's a TMNT/The Sims crossover. I think I'll make this one my Donny fic. :o) Rated PG for low level swearing and computerised wierdness.

Description: After purchasing the 'Sims Unleashed', Donatello creates a replica of the turtle household. Will the other turtles agree with Donatello's little computer simulated world, or will they try to change it? For the sim fans.

Status: Completed.
The Glass Prison is my third fanfic and has a tragedy/angst genre. It is rated PG-13 due to swearing, adult scenes and character death. Like all my fics so far, it is set in the TMNT:TNM universe, therefore it contains Venus.

Description: The turtles are captured and exposed to society.

Status: Completed. Sequel is written, see 'The Concrete Prison' below.
The Glass Prison
The Right Guy
The Right Guy is my fourth fanfic and is a romantic comedy... well as romantic as the turtle boys get! Obviously, in order for there to be romance, there has to be a female turtle, so naturally the story is set in the TMNT:TNM universe.

Rated PG-13 for low level sexual references and some coarse language.

Description: After Venus breaks up with Mike, Mike decides to save the relationship by buying a pet turtle. But Michelangelo isn't the only one who wants a second chance at love.

Status: Completed.
The Concrete Prison
My fifth fanfic is the sequel to 'The Glass Prison'. It is recommended that you read the previous fic first as there will be some things that won't be understood, yet you can still enjoy it even if you don't.

It's genre is angst/suspense. Rated PG-13 for swearing, adult and supernatural themes... and character death!

Description: Sequel to 'The Glass Prison'. With Donatello still trapped in captivity, Mike becomes anxious to rescue his brother. Yet how will the turtles deal with a child who will never know their father?

Status: Completed.Third in trilogy is currently being written - see below.
Mary Sue
My sixth fanfic is a parody of fanfiction itself, including horrors such as author insertion, fangirls and... Mary Sues! This fic was written for fun and in no way is it aimed at a particular individual. In case you were wondering, A chapter had to be redone due to changing their rules about allowing song lyrics. So that's why there's now two versions.

The genre is parody/humour and is rated PG-13 for character death and swearing.

Description: When a new female turtle enters the lair, Venus must adjust to the fact that she now has some competition. Yet how will she and the boys deal with the other horrors of fanfiction.

Status: Completed.

Awards: Winner of 'Best Comedy' and 'Best Happy Ending' in the TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2004.
My seventh fanfic is to date my personal favourite. Mainly being a tragedy, it is quite dark, dealing with themes such as betrayal, sin and consequence. Like my previous stories, it is set in the TMNT:TNM universe, featuring Venus and Dragon Lord.

The genre is tragedy/angst. Rated PG-13 due to serious themes, adult situations, swearing and character death.

Description: When Splinter's prejudiced views get in the way of a turtle's dreams, a chain of related events begins to unfold, slowly threatening the existence of the clan. Can both personal happiness and basic morals be achieved?

Status: Completed.
The Fall of the Clan
My eigth fanfic is the third and last of the 'Prison' trilogy. It is strongly recommended that you read 'The Glass Prison' and then 'The Concrete Prison' first in order to understand what the turtles are up to. Naturally, it is set in the TMNT:TNM universe.

The genre is angst/drama. Rated PG-13 because of the contraversial themes, adult situations and swearing.

Description: Sequel to Concrete Prison. Third in Prison trilogy. Danger arises when filmmakers come to the island. Meanwhile there's tension at camp when Leo's daughter develops a crush for Raphael. Does peace come with a sacrifice?

Status: Incomplete.
The Genetic Prison
My ninth fanfic is quite different to what I usually write, being that it is set in the new cartoon, the Fox Box universe. However, the fic does make references to all of the various versions of the TMNT (though the majority is still set in the new cartoon).

The genre is mystery/sci-fi. Rated PG-13 because of swearing and also because of how ambiguous it is, making it more suitable for mature readers.

Description: After falling victim to one of Dr Chaplin's experiments, Donatello finds himself torn between the worlds of fact and fiction. Can his brothers help him, or do they only become more of a hindrance?

Status: Complete
The tenth fanfic I wrote is actually a poem. Why I wrote a poem? No idea.

It is categorised as being poetry/general. It's also the only fic that's rated K (G).

Description: Michelangelo wonders about what life is like for humans.

Status: Complete.
Only For One Day
Mary Sue: The Original Version
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