Fanfic FAQ
When I first started doing this, it was intended to answer questions readers might have about my fanfics. Some of the questions have been asked by reviewers, while others I made up myself in case anyone was extremely curious. It used to be housed on geocities, however I found it difficult to keep it up to date due the site not saving correctly, siblings kicking me off, lack of spell check etc.

Since then, has banned authors from responding to reviews in their fics. While I'm not against this ruling, I have found problems with the new system because more than one person might be wondering about the same thing. So along with geocities stuffing up and's new rules, I have now moved these Fanfic FAQs to a forum.

The links below will take you to another site. You do not need to sign up in order to ask a question since it has a 'guest' option.
Can't Wash It Away Fanfic FAQ

SimTurtles Fanfic FAQ

The Glass Prison Fanfic FAQ

The Concrete Prison Fanfic FAQ

The Genetic Prison Fanfic FAQ

The Right Guy Fanfic FAQ

Mary Sue Fanfic FAQ

The Fall of the Clan Fanfic FAQ

Illusion Fanfic FAQ

Only For One Day Fanfic FAQ
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