The Official TMNT Website: Learn more about the turtles and the new Foxbox show. Includes up to date and official information about merchandise, shows and comics. A site where you can read, post and review fanfics on nearly every type of text. The TMNT section is located in the comics.
TMNT Fanfic Archive: An extensive list of TMNT fanfics written by various authors.
Ziptango's TMNT Fan Attik: A TMNT fan site owned by Ziptango. Includes fanfiction, fan art and some other fun stuff (kiss the turtles! hehe).
Bored? Just a site to go to with random links to visit when you're bored.
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Raphaella's Subway Lair: A TMNT fan site owned by Raphaella. Includes fanfiction such as Radical Transformation, profiles, and a lot of fan art!
TMNTFREAKS: A MSN group dedicated to the Ninja Turtles. Roleplay, share pictures and chat with other fans.
Other Sites
Powerpets: My personal favourite of the three alternatives. Powerpets is more of an educational website where the pets are based off real animals. There are many, many secrets on the site which can keep you occupied for ages. Because it's partly educational, there is a wider age range of people to chat to, and generally I find them nicer and less weird than the people on Neopets and Nutrinopets! What is really different about this site though is that you can submit a 'book' based on the website, which is then sold in the shops where you can earn money. So really, it's just like fanfiction (on Powerpets), just that you get points in return for your work. Also, you're allowed to design some of the toys and weapons that will be sold in some of the shops! This site's definately worth a look at.
Stealthy Stories Forums: A TMNT forum site dedicated to TMNT fanfiction. You can request a folder and post your fanfics in there (not having to worry about strict rules!!). You can also discuss fanfiction in general, or anything else you like.
Mikey's TMNT Forums: TMNT-based forums. You can discuss the TMNT in all of its various forms, roleplay, post fanfics, eBay listings, whatever!
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