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Q: Where do you get the money to do this?
A: We raise money by having an annual fundraiser during the summer where we sell things like Tastefully Simple products, candles, and coffee - this brings in about $500 a year. We are thinking of starting another big fundraiser maybe doing a golf outing or selling hockey tickets. Also, we accept empty pop and beer cans that we take back for money.

Q: Where do you get the animals?
A: We are not currently taking in animals but occasionally we will have people calling asking us if we can take in their animals. Once we start with our "rescue" portion we will mostly be fostering animals from local shelters to make more room and give the animals longer time and a better chance to get adopted.

Q: What do you tell people if you can't take in their animals?
A: We will gladly post their animals for adoption on our website and our 1800saveapet.com account and we also mention that most Humane Societies will not put animals down given that they pass a temperament test.

Q: Why are you not taking in animals now?
A: To be honest, right now this whole thing is run by one person and although I have people who would like to volunteer we really need a facility first and I (the person who runs it) am in nursing school for the next two years. I think it would be really overwhelming to work, go to school and run this so I am waiting until I am out of school to take in dogs. I take in cats during the summer months.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Check out our "What You Can Do To Help" page! It gives great ideas if you have time, money or passion about helping animals. If you are interested in volunteering, unfortunately there is not a whole lot I need right now and once school starts it will be slowing down even more, so I would encourage you to volunteer at another rescue, a shelter or humane society or a low cost sterilization clinic! The number one thing anyone can do to help though, is to get their pets fixed!

Q: How do I approach someone about getting their animals fixed?
A: If you have a concern that someone has too many animals or that they will soon have too many animals I would find a local low cost sterilization clinic and talk to them about options. Then I would gentley bring it up to this person and if you have the time or the money offer to help pay for it or offer to help with transportation. Many times people are overwhelmed, they just don't know where to turn for help. If they refuse, you can try talking with the local shelter to see if there are any limits as to how many pets someone can have on their property and try to get that enforced.
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