If you are interested in donating to us we are very grateful! I would like to state, however, that we are not a legitamate nonprofit organization so you are not able to deduct from your taxes. We do accept anything and everything you have to offer though! `

Right now we are only housing cats so anything perishable (food, treats, etc) for dogs will not be needed. Anything nonperishable would be appreciated for when we start taking in animals!

Most of our money donations currently go towards spaying and neutering local cats/kittens so, not to stop you from donating, but if you know someone who has a need to fix their cats please help them first!

Some items that we would love to have
                         blankets                                        saline solution
                         scratch boards                               cat/dog carriers
                         beds (cat or dog)                            gift certificates
                         cat food                                         food/water bowls
                         cat treats                                       collars/leashes
                         cat toys                                         crates
                         cat litter                                        cat nip
                         litter boxes                                     
Thank you so much for your interest - we really appreciate all the help we get! 


We always welcome volunteers, as of right now however, there is not much to do since we are not taking in animals. Help fundraising and transporting animals to get sterilized are a couple things that can be done, if anyone is interested!
Nine Lives and Second Chances Rescue        Caledonia, Michigan                                  2007
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