Left : There were four of these lovely young ladies who were included in what would grow to be an eleven cat sterlization job. They were spayed when they were a bit older and now are living in loving homes!
Above: My husband and I fell in love with this little guy when we found him and he had an upper respiratory infection so bad his eyes are gooped shut! Poor little guy but now he is doing well and his current residence is my porch!
Left : Molly is my only dog case to this point. I fostered her from Ionia Animal Shelter when we was diagnosed with heartworms and needed someone to care for her while she underwent treatment. Treatment was successful and she is was adopted to a very nice lady last winter.
Above and Left : These three girls belonged to my neighbors who had five unfixed cats/kittens. They were sterilized and a loving lady took all three for her daughters!
Left : This beautiful girl has found her forever home but her brother will be fixed next week and looking for one also!
Above : When she is fixed next week this cuties will be headed off to her new forever home, but her sister is still up for adoption!
Nine Lives and Second Chances Rescue          Caledonia, Michigan                                                 2007
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