Ways That You Can Help
#1 Spay and neuter your pet!
     I am a big believer in this movement - I think that the world could be rid of pet overpopulation if
     everyone did this simple thing!
#2 Volunteer
     Some people don't want to volunteer at a shelter because they euthanize animals (which is sad because
     this is the place that needs volunteers the most!) but there are other options such as rescues,
     humane societies, and low cost sterilization clinics.
#3 Educate
     Educate yourself on issues relating to animals and then educate others.
#4 Get the community involved
     Hold a seminar, post fliers, get people excited about learning the good stuff that can happen when you
     spay and neuter (a hint to get peoples attention: spay and neuter = less animals in the shelter = less
     money put into the shelter = lower taxes for communities!)
#5 Fundraise
     Have a fundraiser (whether it be an event or just going door to door selling stuff) and then either give
     the money to a local rescue, etc or use it to sterilize local cats/dogs.

Ideas for Fundraisers

Bonfire or BBQ - many companies such as Tastefully Simple have fundraising options so you could have a
                         party featuring the food you are going to sell.
Selling things - sell things people around you would be interested in and then sell it at your work, to your
                      neighbors, to family, try to get your friends to sell it at their work, to everyone you know!
                      www.fasttrackfundraising.com has great items!
Penny Drive - at a local pet store or just a store in general hold a penny drive and ask for people's extra
Can Drive - have family, friends, neighbors, anyone give you their empty beer or pop cans to take back
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