Our Purpose:

Okay, so we've obviously got you looking at the site. But we've still left a very important question unanswered. Why is this site here? Obviously we (the creators of the site) must have some purpose in mind aside from creating a random assortment of information. Truely, we do have a purpose, which would be found by careful study of the site itself, or by reading this article =) We decided to write out our purpose for you, so we can save you time and energy.

As you probably know, most people proficient in the scriptures think that the end is drawing very near. Modern day events are fulfilling prophecies pointing to the end. Noone really knows quite what we should exactly be expecting, but it is widely agreed that we are living in end times. Some of you may find you're coming under tougher ordeals during this time. This is due to Satan fighting as hard as he's allowed to deter us from God, or his will. Of course, this mad struggle is only temporary, but it's just another sign of the end. There IS a storm on the horizon. That storm is the wrath of God soon to be imposed on the earth. Those without Christ will soon find themselves in a world of hurt. Those without will find even harder times. Not to turn you, but when we weather this storm, and come out the other side, we'll get to spend the rest of eternity with our loving Father.

Well... back to the here and now, we can see the storm coming. But what do we do? Do we patiently, calmly wait for the storm to make its way to us? Or do we begin to prepare to weather it? Honestly, you'd prepare for a big storm wouldnt you? If a hurricane is coming, you're going to board up your windows and stuff, arent you? Remember, God might not want to whisk us away before all the trials take place. He may need people here to continue carrying out his will, in spite of the "storm" that's gonna be upon us. So, we've got to get ready for anything. We've got to prepare places to rest, places to hide, and appearal to go out in the storm and fulfill God's will on earth in the midst of the hurricane.

The SWC is a basis of preparing and spreading a mindset of preparedness, cognisance, and discernment. We're here to show you how to defend, how to attack, how to use the gifts God gave you to influence the world when the world needs God the most. Those resting places? We'll show you how to make them. Those hiding places? We'll show you how to make them. Even the gear you'll need to "go outside" in the middle of the trials and tribulations to do what it is that God wants us to do as he tears everything down.

Dont look at this as surviving. Look at it is a kamikaze mission. If God wants you to live, he'll see to it that you make it out of your mission alive, untill he wants to bring you home. But we need to get our things together before the mission. We made this site to prepare you. So, will you be ready?

For the glory of God!

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