Hello everyone, and welcome to the Society of Warrior Christians! Please, feel free to look around and take what you can from this site. Although the information here is brought to you by Christians as a form of ministry, this doesnt limit the information to the hands of other Christians! Regardless of your standpoint, there will probably be something you can take from this sight, so please read carefully and take this information to heart. Please dont forget do read the disclaimer too.


3/29/05 - Wow... it's been over a month since I last updated! Sorry to whoever might be watching. Got a couple of jobs lined up, and havent had a whole lot of time. But rest assured, I'm trying to work the site back into my schedule, so you should start seeing things put up slowly but surely.
2/24/05 - Worked since I got home, and added the following pages:
  • Contact
  • Degolas's contact
  • Warrior Christian
  • Disclaimer

2/23/05 - Main layout finally finished, and made into html format so I have a template for all the other pages! :D Things will only be getting better from here. Check back often to see new content that I have added!

For the glory of God!

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