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March 4, 2006
'Bout time for an update, huh? >_< Yeah, sorry 'bout that. Unfortuntely, I've been busy with other things, like writing, reading, working on other sites; that ish. I decided I should do something with this. However, I only added some art to My Art. If you would like to check it out go for it. I also edited some of the other pages. Trying to organize it more. But... yeah. I'll try to add something here every once in a while. ^^

June 4, 2005
Posted the last parts to Mage's fic Troubled. I know I've only been workin' on that recently and to those of you - if there are any - that want something else as well... I'm sorry. I'll try to put somethin' up soon. But you should go read her fic. ^^ And for those of you who've been reading it: There ya go. ^^

April 24, 2005
Yes, I know that it's 2005... >_<
*ahem* Yeah, I added the next part to Mage's fic Troubled. There are now two pages. I think they're split up in parts... But it's up now. If you're reading it then go... shoo. And even if you're not go... read it. Shoo. ^^
By the way, despite what I said before, this site prob'ly won't be getting much updates now. I've started workin' on somethin' else. I will update this one still... obviously, but it won't be as often. Gomen nasai!

April 12, 2005
Put another fic up by Mage. It's here if you wish to check it out. ^^

April 1, 2005
I'm starting to remodel this site... finally! (It's prob'ly goin' to be moved, too... eventually, but that doesn't matter.) Because of this some pages might have missing pics and whatnot. So if you can't see the pic that's why. Sorry for the inconvience. And - sadly enough - it prob'ly won't be fixed quickly. I'll try to do it as fast as I can, though. ^^ Thx everyone!

February 6, 2005
It's a freakin' miracle!! I actually did somethin' to the site! ^^;;; No, but seriously, I changed all the file sizes (the ones on the first pages, at least) and added a few pics... on my art page. I'll add some manga/anime ones when I find out which ones I have up. I can't right now cuz of freakin' geocities and only allowing you to look at the pages a certain amount of times... *hisses* But, a~nywayz... hope you enjoy the ones that are up! ^^

February 4, 2005
Wow... it's been forever since I've updated. Sry 'bout that!! I didn't mean to stop updating... I've just been focusing on writing and drawing more now. *sighs* I'll try to update more often. I definitely wouldn't hold your breath on that, though... eesh... I don't think that would be purdy. *shakes head*
I added the last chapt to Mage's fic. Go read it! ^^ I'm hoping she'll give me more fics, too. So look for those.. maybe she will. ^^
Okay... as I said before... I'll try to update this fic soon... and more often... 'kay? 'Kay. ^^;;

September 17, 2004
Added another chapt to Mage's fic. The one from the last update.... -_-;; I really need to update this site more often.. yup yup. But that's that for now..

August 30, 2004
Added another fic. It's by Mage and about the cast of Yuugiou. It's quite amusing. ^^;; Check it out.

August 22, 2004
Sry 'bout the lack of updates. Anou... uploaded more pics. Gomen nasai, but they're more of my art. The new ones are: Sasuke, another Kenshin (last in the row), Sesshoumaru, Kouga, two OCs... one of an angel and another of an elf. I think that's all of them....
I'll try to upload actual anime things soon.. no garantee though, especially since people don't really stop by here much. *sighs*

July 26, 2004
Go here. It's funny! ^^;;; Actually it may not be if you don't know me in person or her for that matter.... She's like deathly afraid of fish... Lol.

July 22, 2004
Too bad I really like this layout so it's stayin' up for a while. Dunno how long...
Oh, and I put up another drawing of mine. It's Naraku from InuYasha. I really should start updating this as often as I used to....
No one really looks at this anywayz....

July 10, 2004
It's pretty sad that the I haven't updated in quite a while and when I do it's my own drawing. Yup, four of my own. They are Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), InuYasha (obvious), Hiei (Yuu Yuu Hakusho), and one of my own characters. And they're actually shaded too. ^^;; Anywayz.. bye bye for now.

June 26, 2004
Put a new page up... Angel Sanctuary. There's a couple pages of it now. I love Yuki Sensei's artwork. It's amazing and the main reason I bought the series to begin with.

June 25, 2004
Added a couple more pics to My Art. They're of Malik from Yu-Gi-Oh and Hakkai and Gojyo from Saiyuki.

June 22, 2004
School's out! Well, it got out yesterday, but that's not the point...
I don't know how I forgot but I didn't have the Legolas Page setup, but now it is so it's all good. ^^ I don't know how long it was down either... oh well.

June 20, 2004
New layouts featuring Sanzo from Saiyuki. That's a really good series too. ^^


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June 20, 2004
I finally updated again and it has Sanzo. Woohoo! Updates aren't as often anymore... oh well.

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