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Sorry for no updates for a while, but I am back now...I hope!! October 26th.
This is me :
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Hi, my name is Nick and am in my final year of University.. I am 22 years old and have lived in Holland until I was 18. Then I went to England to study Management Science at the University of Southampton . I am here studying business and spanish.
My trasvase dissertation
This is what I like :
My Pictures!!!
I like everything about going out, women, and the Simpsons, and Futurama too on a good day. I like PCs, gamez, free moviez, Mp3s and loads of free cartoon episodes!!! And my wonderful girlfriend Fernanda  as well.
My Links page to fulfill al of your Simpsons, Futurama,South Park, Moviez, Gamez and Mp3 needs!!
This is what I Want:
I want any help I can get off anyone that likes what he or she sees on this page and give me any input on what they want to see more of in the future!!!
The Funny File and Picture page
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