Paulszone - A very good site for Futurama, Simpsons and many other TV shows and cartoons.
Cletus Farm - Simpsons episodes galore, but you need to join the mailing list first.
Landos Stinkin Hole - Has the latest Futurama episode and lots of Ali G stuff too. Check the msg.  board for Simpsons.
My Simpsons,Futurama and South Park Links
Warez  Links
New Warez - This is a very reliable source of Gamez and Appz.
Racing Warez - Need a driving game?? This site has them all!!!
Random  Links
Aint it Cool News - You want movie reviews and true opinions of them before the movies are out??? Go here.,.
Acidfranc - This is my friend Andrews band´s site. You can hear about upcoming gigs and listen to demos on Mp3. - One of my favourite Mp3 web sites ( Since Napster is outta business!) for all the music lovers out there.
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South Park - For full episodes (including season 4!) Thanx to my mate Ross for this link!!
Farnsworthlabs - Brand new Futurama site dedicated to Farnsworth, and also has an amazing episode searcher!!
Google- One of my favourite web search engines...this will find anything!!
Futurama 3000 - Simpsons episodes galore, its in German but its easy enough to follow...professional stuff.
Schlagernacht - This is my mate Pedro´ s party service, based in Switzerland ( Right Pedro?)
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