Eric McDonald!

Last update: 7 July 2007

Latest additions: My wife and I got a digital camera, so rather than bulk up this site, I'm making a photobucket page. Check that out!

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to start playing, but if you'd like to listen to some music, then open this link.

Aside from games online there are many other games that I enjoy:
Dance Dance Revolution
E Jay - music factory
Unreal Tournament 2003

Important things about my life:
My sweet wife and our first BABY!!!
My old journal
My first website
Pictures of me

Fun stuff to learn:
Take a personality test
My comedian reference guide
Learn the Nations of the World!
Radio - Yahoo's LaunchCast vs
Voice Actors - the under-appreciated performers!
Music composition
Demotivational Posters
BYU U Drive
Protest Protesters
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How did I learn all this stuff?
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