Ms. Kara Christiane Ginter, Teacher of French and Spanish
Thank you for your interest in studying a foreign language.  On this website you will information about my classroom rules, policies, and expectations which I hope you will find helpful.

I am excited about teaching foreign languages.  I am eager to provide a successful experience in second-language learning as I endeavor to expand cultural horizons and awareness of globalization to the youth of our community. 

Striving to teach in a culturally significant context, I try to render my students orally proficient in handling every-day situations.  Through a variety of teaching methods I hope to make language learning exciting.  I believe that through oral expression and cultural activities, language learning becomes relevant and enjoyable for students.

We are very fortunate at our school to have computer labs, audio and visual aids in every classroom, and a media center.  I am pleased to be part of a staff that is working together as a team to nurture the student.

I have extensive international experience and am happy to devote my career to teaching foreign languages and cultures.  Having spent half my life in Europe, I feel that I have a broad perspective on European culture.  My first-hand experiences abroad should be extremely valuable as I strive to share authentic cultural insights with my students.  While living in Europe, I spent much time traveling, reading, visiting museums, going to the theater, and discovering the cultural and historical riches.  I believe that my sharing these experiences with my students greatly enriches their lives.

The material and the instructional design of this course requires that students be actively engaged in developing an understanding, adopting and adapting the information within their own contexts, and participating in focused exercises regarding the application of the targeted language.  Please know that students have a responsibility and an authentic opportunity to take charge of their own learning.

I invite you to share any information about your child that would help me to be the best teacher I can be for your child. 

If you should desire to talk to me, I would be happy to talk to you by phone.  I would of course also be glad to meet you for a personal conference.  You may contact me at school 790-2360.

I look forward to working with you.


Kara C. Ginter
Teacher of French and Spanish         
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