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         Welcome !!   We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

Join the Ngwenya Eco Foundation and be part of the future !

"FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED" It is the nature of the future that it is incapable of being described, because it is in the process of being created by trends, actions, and interactions of individuals and institutions, and unique events. Future forecasts are uncertain because the very act of engaging in them will lead to policies which will change the future.  We plan ahead, in other words, not only so we will know how the future will affect us, but how we can affect the future.

Now, you have the chance to invest in your future, to enhance your ownership and to add value to your investment, interest and love for the bundu.  The Ngwenya Eco Foundation was established to add benefits uniquely tailored for Marloth Park and the region along the Ngwenya.  When you join you will:

Keep up to date on issues critical to your investment and expectations;
Meet your peers and fellow property owners at functions and get together;
Easily locate informed persons and experts who can answer your questions;
Have the opportunity to invest in your future by adding your input and effort to change the course of development and events;
Participate in award and recognition programmers of the Foundation;
Share in benefits and privileges to be negotiated and introduced for members.

The Foundation, your Foundation, cannot succeed without the full support of all Property Owners in Marloth Park.  A small number of members and volunteers cannot and will not have the necessary impact and effect.  Only in numbers can we have strength.  Volunteers needed!!!

Contact Information

FAX no:'s
(012) 327-4808
Postal address:
Ngwenya Eco Foundation
        P.O. Box 74015,  
        PRETORIA 0040
Contact for: membership / volunteers / urgent matters:
Lindy or Dave (012) 327-4807
Electronic mail: [email protected] general information



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