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    This page was made with a hope that my students scattered all over the world, one day, might catch up with theirs classmates or with me as well. So, any of my students, who is reading this page, is welcome to e-mail to me at [email protected]. I will update this page periodically.

HS Chemistry students

This was a preliminary computer-based lab hour for the "epsilon" 98-01 class. They measured pHs of various beverages, recorded them in a computer spreadsheet then reasonalized their observation. Attention went to Phuong Thao, second from right, she was not only good in Chemistry but also serious in country music and highly prized for her talent.
We did a lot of environmental experiments and field trips as well. Picture taken at a demonstration of water data measurements by the laboratory of Dakai mineral water source (10, 1998) and following re-sampled in the school lab
Here come the "delta" class (1997-2000) in a field trip to the mineral water source at Dakai, Binh Thuan. (Except to the sitting guy who joined in from the "epsilon" class)
All 12 students of the "gamma" class (1996-1999) by the end of 1998. It was close to their final examination. That means departure from their beloved school after 3 years of hard-working and full of memories and events. From left: (standing) Hoa, Vi, Oanh, Loan, Xuan, Thang, Khuong. Sittings are Nha, P.Thanh, Tuan, H.Thanh, Toan.

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Graduated students (Chemistry)

The very first successful team in the National Chemistry Olympiad was in 1994. Most of these students were specialized in Math! Most of them studied abroad. I had a chance to meet my students in Melbourne, Australia, while accompanying the Vietnamese team at the 30th IChO. From left to right are Minh, My, me, Kien and Trung in front of the Melbourne City Library (?).
This photograph was taken by Toan My for me, his friends and the four mentors and observers at the 30th IChO, Melbourne, Australia (7,1998).
We started the new syllabus for Chem. spec. education from the 1994-1995. This "alpha" class (1994-1997) was a great and fascinate experience for me. They were so dynamic and collaborative. It ended up with a sounded graduation. They gained one IChO bronze medal (Quach Vu Dat, photo at right, at the 29th IChO Closing Ceremony, Montreal, Canada, 1997), couple of first ranked in the university entrance competitions and prizes from other regional and national competitions.
A recreational trip to Vung Tau beach of "beta" class (1995-1998), together with Viet Toan (first from left), the only non-LeHongPhong member of the 1998 city chemistry team at the National Chemistry Olympiad. Toan has surprisingly got highest rank among the team, Quang Ngoc came second best. From left to right: Viet Toan, ??, Cam Linh, Thao Chi, Diem Lan, Hoang Quyen, Quang Ngoc and Huynh Tram
Day of celebration. Pictures of best ranking students of the "beta" class and their friends.

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Other graduated students

To be added, later.

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