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Chemical Education for the Gifted Students

Chemistry Education for the Gifted students is relatively new at Le Hong Phong, in compare to other disciplines as Math, Physics and Informatics. We started with a pilot program around 1992-1994. The first students who got high ranks were among those picked up from the Mathematics gifted students. Our intention is to prepare the most for our students. While we could not achieve an international level in high school chemistry to all of our high school students, the best efforts are to be provided to those students who were selected as the most intellectual gifted students in high school chemistry.

Besides an up-to-date curriculum, we are working hard on the innovation of chemistry learning and teaching by incorporated of various instructional and educational methods:

    1. Application of information technology.
    2. Field trips with applied experiments on environmental issues.
    3. Collaborative group works.
    4. International exchange in related chemistry activities.

I hope to include some of our activities later on.

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Chemistry Olympiads

Despite of the main goal of our education aimed at a better chemistry knowledge, our students are also encouraged to be ready for the tough competitions in University entrance examinations, national and international chemistry Olympiads as well.

Our students participate in many events during the school-year:

    1. The school-organized IBC awards.
    2. The City Grade 12 Olympiad to select a group of ten best students to the city chemistry team, ready for the National Chemistry Olympiad.
    3. The regional 30-4 Olympiad for students at grade 10-11. A team of three students will represent their city or province at the Olympiad. The 1999 Olympiad will be held at Da Nang, a central coastal city.
    4. The National Chemistry Olympiad.
    5. The International Chemistry Olympiad was organized every year. This year is the 31st Olympiad and will be held in Thailand. Our school had so far one student, Quach Vu Dat, in the Vietnamese team at the 29th IChO at Montreal, Canada (1997). He got a bronze medal. You might take a look at my Vietnamese translated version of the Preparatory Problem for 30th IChO at Melbourne, Australia.
    6. Our students at all grades (10, 11, 12) also participated the Australian National Chemistry Quiz together with other school in Vietnam and many other countries and territories in the region.

After all, the actual abilities of students could be well challenged at these competitions.

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For a Better Chemistry Education

We welcome comments and ideas for the enhancement of Chemistry Education for HS students and appreciate all scientific cooperations.

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