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              1. Chemistry and Chemistry Education
              2. Computer, video and photography

Chemistry and Chemical Education

Chemistry and chemical education are what I have been involved in my career. I am glad to be among those who first started the new enhanced chemistry syllabus for secondary education

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The 1999 City Chemistry Team in the computer-based chemistry lab.
Few shots of our students at pre-class hour

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Computers, video and photography

Yes, I spent most of my spare time lately in computers, photography and a little of videography. So far, I've just been some kind of a less-than-serious amateur on these

This picture was taken right in my tiny back yard. We called it "MAI", a symbolic spring flower. Its leaves were ripped off about a week prior to the first day of Tet, our Asian Lunar New Year. I really loved it. Have you ever seen this kind of flower?

The followings were shots of flowers at the Tet expo in Taodan garden:

An old craftman was making grasshoppers from bamboo's leaves. Real nice, aren't they?  


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