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Chemistry related sites

The following is the best 1995 Chemistry Pointers. a courtesy of Steven Bachrach, Thomas Pierce and Henry Rzepa presented at the COMP Division of the 210th ACS Meeting in Chicago on 21 August, 1995

I have also included some new sites, with an asterisk mark, that are my interest. Please remember that these websites keep changing periodically. I would appreciate very much if you can inform me of any changes discovered.

    1. The best of "World Collections" of pointers
    2. Chemical Internet Standards
    3. "Value added" Processing of chemical information
    4. Conferences and Talks
    5. Visual Sources and Programs
    6. Teaching Resources
    7. Electronic Journals
    8. Organizations
The best "World Collections" of pointers - Go top
Virtual Chemistry Library at UCLA
Max Kopelevich's original "global" collection
Mark Winter's global collection
Chemistry Internet Resources
Gary Wiggins' Collection of Chemistry Resources
Australian Chemistry Network Alan Arnold's Collection of Chemistry Resources
Chemistry Mailing Lists
Kris Boulez's Collection of E-mail lists
The Yahoo Collection of Chemical Pointers An edited collection of chemistry highlites
ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources
Alan Cairns' Collection of Education resources
Virtual Chemical Engineering Library
Dale Kirmse's Collection of ChemEng resources
NIH GenoBase Ron Taylor and Adam Ginsburg's Molecular Biology Collection
POLY-Links Polymer Information
Chemical Internet Standards - Go top
The Chemical MIME Project and Discussions
Chemical Internet Standards project by Peter Murray-Rust, Henry Rzepa and Ben Whitaker
Standard Collections for Molecular Biology A Collection of CAS CXF-1.0 ASN.1 Definitions maintained by Hugh Chou
The CML Project SGML based Chemical Markup Language by Peter Murray-Rust, Henry Rzepa and Chris Leach
"Value added" Processing of chemical information - Go top
Project CORINA
J. Sadowski and J. Gasteiger's 2D to 3D Coordinate Conversions
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins A. Murzin, S. E. Brenner, T. J. P. Hubbard and C. Chotia's Protein Exploratorium
Molecular Biology Images
Marcus Peitsch's Seminal collection of Protein Images
KLOTHO: Biochemical Compounds Declarative database Toni Kazic's innovative Work on Web based Databases
Principles of Protein Structure Ground breaking courseware edited by Peter Murray-Rust and Alan Mills
Molecular Hyperglossaries Peter Murray-Rust and Chris Leach's Hyperlinked Database concept
Interactive Search and Display and PDB at-a-glance
Peter Fitzgerald's "Molecules R Us" Service
Gaussian Basis set utility K. Schuchardt and D. Feller's Basis set Database
Silver Platter (WebSpirs)
A Web Interface to a major Database Collection
AMBER Home Page
Tom Cheatham and Bill Ross's Amber Information pages
MSI Life Sciences Helper Help for Quanta Users
Fullerene Database and Information telnet://
Wyn Locke's Fullerene Collection
Nanotechnology Sean Morgan's Nanotechnology Archives
Condensed Phase Computer Simulation M. Leslie's CCP5 Project pages
Fisher Scientific Chemical Catalogues On-line Catalogue Information
UTMB NMR center Bruce Luxon's Links to NMR on the internet
WebElements and the Periodic Table
Mark Winter's WebElements Project (operating since 1993!)
Chemists Address/Phone Book

Information on Subscribing
Steve Bachrach's Global Chemists Directory
On-Line Academic Chemistry Employment Clearinghouse
Information on subscribing
Steve Bachrach's Global Chemists Job Clearing Project
Instability Dynamics of Fracture
A multimedia reprint by Farid Abraham, D. Brodbeck, R. A. Rafey, W. E. Rudge
GE Products and Services
Good listing of product physical properties
Conferences and Talks - Go top
Electronic Computational Chemistry Conferences (ECCC-1 & 2)
The First Web based Compchem Conferences edited by Steve Bachrach
Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry (ECTOC-1) First Web based Orgchem Conference edited by Henry Rzepa
OSC home page and CCL discussion list
Jan Labanowski's Pre-eminent Chemical Discussion Forum
NMR '95 Poster Session Barry Hardy's NMR Posters
Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-1)
A globally edited Glycoscience Collaboratory
ChemEd-L Thread Index (*) List of ChemEd discussion.
International Conference on Computer in Education (*) Annual conferences. 1998 ICCE was held in Bejing, China. 1999 ICCE will be held in Tokyo, Japan
Visual Sources and Programs - Go top
Chemistry Examples of the Java Programming Language
Virtual Reality Modelling Language Omer Casher's Pioneering Work in Chemistry VRML
Marvis Rich's Mathematics and Molecules Multimedia show
3D Atomic Orbitals A 3D VRML AO Library by Yue-Ling Wong and Ching-Wan Yip
Molecular Model Types and Rendering Techniques François Savary's Visual Guide
Molecular Modelling at NIH
High Quality modelling archive
Chemistry ART Gallery
Leif Laaksonen's Pioneering Work in Chemical Art

Hyperactive Molecules
Ben Whitaker's (site of the first operating chemistry web server: Dec 1992) and Henry Rzepa's Hyperactive Chemistry
MDL ISIS/Draw Offer A Personal Mac/Windows Chem Drawing package
RasMol Roger Sayle's PC/Mac/Unix Free Viewer
XMol Information
X-Window Viewing program from MSC
Teaching Resources - Go top
GC/MS of Jamaican Coffee and Pimento!
Robert Lancashire's GC/MS/J-CAMP Project
Multimedia Chemistry at UCSD
Kent Wilson's Superb PhysChem Course
The Virginia Tech Project
Brian Tissue's Teaching Collection
Biochemistry courseware and animations by James Baggott
Global Instructional Chemistry Henry Rzepa's collection of teaching materials
Electronic Journals - Go top
Journal of Molecular Modelling
Edited by Tim Clark
Elsevier WWW Publications Including Steve Heller's TrAC Internet Column
Network Science
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Computer Aided Molecular Design
Electronic Protein Science
Journal of Chemical Physics Express
Organizations - Go top
Chemical Abstracts Service
Royal Society of Chemistry
Nobel Prize Announcement (*)  

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