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Welcome to the archives page of the NGL project! NGL a project to create the Tokcir artificial language as a group project over the Internet. Discussion takes place on the NGL mailing list and may also be monitored and contributed to via our newsgroup, alt.language.artificial.ngl. The language is currently very dynamic and expanding, and newcomers to the development group are most welcome. We have built up a vocabulary of well over a thousand morphemes and many more possible through derivation, and the grammar combined with the vocabulary is sufficient to allow a wide range of expression in the language. There has been an impressive array of composition done, including song translations, news article translations, translations of original poetry and prose, translation of Bible passages, and a good sized body of original composition done directly in the language. The most variable element of the language right now is in the area of verb systems, of which there are currently three contenders, none of which has been selected yet.

This page is open to general submissions for posting provided they meet the criteria. This link has the rules of the page explained in more detail. The page is divided into sections by topic.

Please note: this page is a work in progress! It is not yet complete or comprehensive.

2002/04/15: As you can see the page is still barely started after all this time. However, we are starting to get back on track with the project. Please go to:

Yahoo Groups NGL List Page

For a more comprehensive list of materials. See in particular our Messages and Files sections.


1. Constitutional Documents (The Rules)

The NGL group rules and customs are designed in such a way as to ensure that the group operates congenially and consensually as much as possible. Democratic institutions are in place to settle any disputes that cannot be resolved consensually through discussion.  There are three primary documents which govern the group.

The Rules of the Group                               -        updated 1999/XX/XX
The General Vocabulary Rules                     -        updated 1999/10/05
The Module Rules                                       -        updated 1999/XX/XX

2. Basic Resources

Shoebox Vocabulary Database updated 2002/05/02
Shoebox 4.01 Installation file!
Jerry Koenig's Writekit of NGL Resources  (HTML, database excised)     -    updated 1999/06/01

3. Modules

4. Lessons and Texts

NGL Grammar Essay 1 by SD, 2002/04/15
NGL Grammar Essay 2 by SD, 2002/04/15
NGL Grammar Essay 3 by SD, 2002/04/15
NGL Grammar Essay 4 by SD, 2002/04/15
NGL Grammar Essay 5 by SD, 2002/04/15
PVS (Proposed Verb System) version 2.01 essay by SD, 2002/04/15

5. NGL-Language Documents and Sound Files

Translation of a Letter to the Editor of the Globe and Mail - date 1999/05/29, posted 1999/06/05, arch. 1999/07/19 - auth. SD

6. Essays on Linguistic Topics

7. Group Roster and Contacts

8. Links - Sites with NGL or Linguistic Interest

Jack Durst's NGL Resources
Carlos Thompson's Homepage
Stephen DeGrace's Homepage

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