The Rules of the Page

This page is meant to be public and to be run in such a fashion as to place the greatest burden of work for submitting revised, up-to-date material (the only kind of material accepted for modules and other grammar, archaic forms are acceptible for compositions although perhaps not encouraged) on the author of the material, not on the page administrator.  This page does not belong to the administrator per se in the way that it's envisioned - rather it is the property of the group, and may conceivably change hands a number of times.  Provisionally, in order to have a submission accepted for this page, it must be presented in the group and receive at least one second.  This requirement would be relaxed for the submission of older material predating this site (as we want to get the site up-to-date, and there is much to do in this regard), although one might wish to submit revisions to the group anyway to make sure there's no mistakes before posting them here.  An objection by any party to the inclusion of the material would force a vote if the offering party will not withdraw it, but one hopes that this unfortunate circumstance would rarely arise.  Following group acquiescence to the inclusion of the submission, the author would send it to the page administrator either in html format or in plain text format.

Regarding format: for the sake of consistency and uniformity, for now it is proposed that all modules should be submitted in 12 point, fixed width black text on white background.  For documents submitted in html, images will be allowed if they are diagrams for the purpose of helping to explain or illustrate some concept in the module.  For all other types of submissions these requirements are relaxed. The requirement is relaxed most of all for compositions, which may be fancied up to the creator's heart's desire (within the administrator's storage and bandwidth limits, of course, so one must exercise some restraint :-) ).


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