What is it?

Simply put, JAuto is a software package that allows you to control things using your PC and some additional hardware. Your useage can be as simple or advanced as you like.

  • Easy to use GUI interface.
  • Supports up to 24 relays and 8 sensors.
  • Advanced charting for all sensors.
  • Advanced triggering mechanisms for relays.
  • Remote operation via local network, wifi or internet.
  • Written in Java to provide portability across platforms.
  • Released via GPL license for your security.
  • A PC that can run 24/7 (use a UPS).
  • Two ISA slots (one if not using B3001). If you use parallel port only, no ISA slots needed.
  • Java 1.4.0 or higher installed.
  • Currently, you also need Windows NT/2000, or Linux (any distro). Other OS's supported as "ioPortT.c" is ported.

For simple on/off (timer) applications, you need a parallel port (parallel port relay controller) and/or a relay controller and screw terminal board.

To read the value of some sensor (temp, c02 level, etc), you need a sensor controller
and screw terminal board.

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