Does JAuto support PCI controller cards?

Can you modify JAuto to support PCI controller cards?
That is not something I can commit to doing. First, all the PCI controllers I've looked at are quite expensive, and, I don't need yet another controller. However, since JAuto is open source you could always add support for the controller you're interested in...

Are you planning on adding support for more than one 2102/3001?
Not at this time...

Does JAuto support serial inputs?
No, there is not currently support for serial input.

Can JAuto run on a micro release of Linux?
Provided you can get a JVM (that supports Swing) loaded on it, yes.

How difficult would it be to migrate JAuto to PC104 boards?
You need to solve the Java runtime issues before you can realistically think of putting JAuto on a PC104 platform. JAuto is GUI oriented and as such won't work without one. For non-GUI control (PC104 or otherwise) I think you'll be better off with ioSrv as it doesn't use a GUI (or Java).

How do i run JAuto in Client/Server mode?
"jauto.jar" is both server and client. When run without the "-s" command line parm, JAuto runs as a server (listening for connections on port 9189). Running in server mode is the "normal" mode for JAuto; you run JAuto in server mode on the box that has the IO cards in it as server mode does the low level work for relays and sensors.

When you run JAuto with the "-s" command line parm, it runs in client mode and will attempt to connect to the specified host/ip address (on port 9189). JAuto (in server mode) should be running at that host/ip before trying to connect. Once JAuto (in client mode) connects to JAuto (in server mode), the two are "synchronized". What you do on one will show on the other; the client will receive updates of any relay changes due to processing, and updates of sensor values as they change.


  • To run JAuto in client and server mode on one machine, use "-slocalhost" at the client side.
  • Not that it's important, but the server can handle any number of client connections simultaneously.

Which CO2 monitors are suitable for use with JAuto?
I've been using a GreenAir CDM-1 (which is a private label Telaire model 1050). Of the current Telaire models, the 5010, 5011, 7001, 8001 or 8102 are the ones I'd probably look at depending on your needs (some have temp sensors too, in case you need that).

Other vendor's products should work too; what you need is for the monitor to output a voltage that represents the CO2 ppm. Using the above Telaire models as an example: if the CO2 ppm was currently 1438, the monitor would be outputting 1.438 VDC on it's output port (it looks like a headphone jack). You connect one end of a pair of wires to the monitor, and the other end to a channel on the B3001. Setup the channel in the software and you're now reading the CO2 monitor. See my CO2 setup screens at front of thread for details...

BTW: Read about Telaire ABC Logic and the conditions under which it operates before you buy one with it.

more to come...
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