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RESUME(Click here to download resume in Word Document)
Permanent Address


8591-G Block L, Bertam Malim, 
Malacca, 75250 Malaysia.
65-9331 4671
[email protected]
Career Objective
Challenging and rewarding career with an organization that provides excellent opportunities for advancement and diverse experience.
Personal Particulars
Date of Birth:                  10 June 1975
Nationality:                      Malaysian
Gender:                           Male
Marital Status:                Single
Strengths:                        Proactive, Good Communication, Time Management and Dependable
Language Proficiency:   English,  Mandarin, Malay, Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien
Hobbies:                          Traveling, Photography, Music, Reading
Educational Background
1998-present :                 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Qualification:                     Master Degree of Engineering (M.Eng)
Area of Specialization:    Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Networking, Neural Networks
Graduation Date:             June 2000

1993-1998:                       University Technology of Malaysia (UTM)
Qualification:                     Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics)
Average Grade:                2nd Class Honours (Upper Division)
Area of Specialization:    Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Mechatronics, Fuzzy Logic
Graduation Date:              April 1998

Research Projects
July 1998–Present: Neural Networks for ATM Traffic Control, Master Degree’s project in NTU.
The main objective of this research project is to develop an adaptive traffic control algorithm, which is simple, robust and effective for the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network. The ATM traffic modeling is carried out using the well-known network simulation package- Optimized Network Engineering Tools (OPNET) for bursty, variable bit rate (VBR) and multiplexed traffic (combining both speech and video signals) where scenarios have been created for heavy traffic situations. Here, an adaptive control scheme using a newly developed Minimal Resource Allocation Network (MRAN) to solve heavy traffic congestion problems in ATM networks has been compared with a Back-Propagation (BP) neural network controller and also Explicit Rate Indication with Congestion Avoidance (ERICA) congestion controller. The fast learning and accurate predictions obtained with MRAN is shown to gain best Quality of Service (QoS).

May 1997-March 1998: Development of an Educational Tool-Kit Servomotor System using PC and Microcontroller (Intel 80C196), Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering Project in UTM.
In this project, a dc servomotor system is developed for educational purpose that uses a Proportional, Integral, Differential (PID) controller and also a Fuzzy Logic Controller.

Working Experiences
Apr 1998-Jun 1998: Product Engineer, LIKOM Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Coordinate of new product phase in, sample evaluation, analyzing and involve in product improvement project for CRT Monitor.

Nov 1996-Apr 1997: Research Officer, Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO), UTM
Design analogue and digital PID controller for dc servomotor system.

Apr 1996-Jun 1996: Research Assistant, Wheels Electronics Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Assist in the development of infrared sensor system for burglar detection.

Computer Skills
Operating System:        Win98/2000, Win NT, Linux, UNIX, and DOS.
Acquired Skills:             C/C++, Visual C++, Assembly Language, PSpice, Protel,
                                        OPNET Modeler (OPtimized Network Engineering Tools), 
Software:                        Office2000, Matlab, Nestcape, Internet Explorer, Exchange, 
                                         Outlook, HTML, Visio, Ghostview, Adobe Acrobat,
                                         Adobe Photoshop, Exceed, Latex, Chinese Star.
Honors and Awards
July 1998-July 2000        NTU Research Scholarship
Sept1999                         OPNETWORK Distinguished Paper Award
Jan 1997                          Dean Academic Award, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTM
Jan 1995                          Dean Academic Award, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTM
July 1994-Apr 1998        JPA University Scholarship, The Public Service Department of Malaysia
Willing to Travel:           Yes
Membership:                Student Member of IEEE and IEM (Institute of Engineers Malaysia) since 1998.
1. Ng Hock Soon, N. Sundararajan and P. Saratchandran, “Neural Congestion Controller for ATM using OPNET (Distinguished Paper Award)”, Proc. of OPNETWORK'99, Washington DC, Aug 1999.

2. Ng Hock Soon, N. Sundararajan and P. Saratchandran, “Adaptive Neural Congestion Controller for ATM network with Heavy Traffic”, Proc. of IFIP TC 6 Fifth International Conference on BROADBAND COMMUNICATIONS '99 Hong Kong, Nov 1999.

3. Ng Hock Soon, N. Sundararajan and P. Saratchandran, “ATM Congestion Control using Minimal Resource Allocation Networks (MRAN)”, submitted to IEE Communications Proceedings, 2000.

Name:                            Prof. N. Sundararajan
Telephone:                    65-7905027
Email:                            [email protected]
Position:                        Professor
Organization:                EEE School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Name:                            Chen Mee Kat
Telephone:                    65-9845 8838
Email:                            [email protected]
Position:                        Technical Lead, Asia Pacific
Organization:                MediaRing.com Ltd, Singapore.

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