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My sweet Family (01 Jan 2000)
The 17-20th Generations of Ng Family
My Friends at NTU (26 Apr 2000)
Graduation Gathering at Temasek
My Friends at UTM (05 Jan 1998)
Shockees at Electrical Eng. Faculty
My Hometown (12 Mar 2000)
Stadhuys and Christ Church, Malacca
Trip to China (06 Nov 1999)
Window of the World, China
Long Wood Bridge (11 Mar 2000)
Portuguese Village, Malacca
Trip to Japan (07 Sept 1999)
Imperial Palace, Tokyo
Trip to Japan (07 Sept 1999)
Disneyland, Tokyo

Hurray!(17 Mar 2000)
The Cannon at St. John Hill

Trip to U.S. (30 Aug 1999)
The Statue of Liberty
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