Please contact Valerie if anyone has been missed!

Recent and Upcoming Weddings
01/05/08 Natalie (TIGGERCAT) and Andrew - *CONGRATS!*
5/25/07 Jolan (JKW98)and Mark - *CONGRATS!*
1/27/07 Aimee (ChicagoAdv)and Jonathan - *CONGRATS!*
10/20/06 Camille (stevensfairy)and Dave - *CONGRATS!*
4/22/06 Tara (newsgirl74) and Dave - *CONGRATS!*
11/05/05 Valerie (idgie310) and Eric - *CONGRATS!*
10/29/05 Sarah (PENFOLD007) and Richard - *CONGRATS!*
7/16/05 Stephanie (booyah716) and Ryan - *CONGRATS!*
5/21/05 Jana (redrocks6) and Joel - *CONGRATS!*
5/6/05 Kirsten (kirsten733) and Kasey - *CONGRATS!*
8/14/04 Ellen (EllenEMoran) and Jason - *CONGRATS!*
5/22/04 Briana (NurseBriana) and David - *CONGRATS!*

Babies: On The Way!
9/07 Nicole (5xBlessedTHX) and Greg
9/16/07 Ellen (EllenEMoran) and Jason
9/25/07 Ann (annkirsten) and DH
10/15/07 Aimee (ChicagoAdv) and Jonathan
10/18/07 Sara (ska21) and DH
10/23/07 Kate (Carnell2001) and Chris
11/17/07 Brandy (Winfreygang) and Sean
11/26/07 Celina (CELINA31) and Jason
12/01/07 Jamie (tenecwalker) and Brad
12/13/07 Kelly (KelliAnn) and Kelly
12/23/07 Mel (jonswife) and Jon
12/23/07 Blair (blairb4) and Steven
12/24/07 Teresa (TeresaH00) and Jason
early 2008 Expecting JJ's arrival! Karen (iLuv2create) and dh
4/6/08 Jolan (JKW98) and Mark
4/25/08 Jen (JenWisc) and Dave

Babies are a gift from God.
photo ©2002 JUSTLISA6

Babies: Newly Arrived!
11/26/2007 Valerie (idgie310) and Eric Annie Ruth Elizabeth 8lb, 4.8oz, 20"
09/14/07 Lisa (MrsVaty) and Jonathan Donovan Matthew 8lb 3oz, 20"
09/14/07 Jenni (JenGroft) and Jay Lily Cecilia
08/27/07 Kat (mommakat6) and Daniel Daniel Joseph 9lbs 8oz, 21"
08/20/07 Erika (erikamarie) and Joe Sophia Grace 6lb 11oz, 20"
08/17/07 Shannon (Clara30) and Jimmy Caroline Elise 8lbs 14oz, 20.75"
08/14/07 Karen (iLuv2create) and dh Jacob Christian 4lbs 9oz, 16.25"
07/29/07 Ahna (lutheranNFP) and Jonathan Timothy Isak 6lbs 5oz, 18.5"
07/24/07 Lori (loriagnes) and Bill Bridget Evelyn 10lbs 5oz, 21"
06/06/07 Mel (MELVEYS) and dh Feira Madelynn 8lb 10oz
06/1/07 Tara (newsgirl74) and Dave Ayanna Rene 9lbs
05/25/07 Katie (aufan4) and dh Patrick 7lbs 7oz
05/15/07 Kirsten (kirsten733) and Kasey Jackson Robert 8lbs 9oz, 22"
05/7/07 Heather (StRoseP) and John Gabriel's Gotcha Day!!
05/3/07 Celine (CelineSDS) and dh Liam Patrick
04/10/07 Em (emma1129) and Chris Joseph Nicholas 8lbs 12oz, 21.5"
04/7/07 Alexis (Sanveann) and Jay Matthew Senkow 7lbs 6oz, 21"
03/17/07 Colleen and Steven Isaac Christopher 9lb 7oz, 22"
03/12/07 Sarah (isabellasmom) and Chris Gianna Gabrielle
03/10/07 Michelle (bejonama) and David Hannah Violet May 7lb 13oz
03/7/07 Briana (NurseBriana) and David Elizabeth Grace 8lb 8oz, 22"
03/6/07 Kelli (Kaitsmomma) and James Felicity Soo Hee 8lb 0oz, 19.3"
02/23/07 Marcella (nobc4me) and David Emmeline Carolyn Marie "Puddle" 6lb 2oz
02/9/07 Helen (HelenF04) and DH Francesca Marie 8lb 1oz, 20.5"
01/20/07 Tina (Tgriff3) and Gregg Margaret Mae 9lb, 21"
01/10/07 Beth (facewoman) and Joshua Margaret Therese 7lb 5oz, 20"
01/7/07 Blanca (AmaAJah1) Victor Augustus 7lb 13oz, 20"
12/31/06 Lisa (LM96) and Marek Mary Katherine
12/30/06 Elizabeth (CreightonMom) and dh Dominic Jeffrey 8lb 5oz, 20"
12/27/06 Stephanie (booyah716) and Ryan Bethany Grace 7lb 13oz, 21"
12/20/06 Valerie (idgie310) and Eric Mary Margaret Sue "Maggie" 5lb 1oz, 16.75"
12/12/06 Sarah (Sarackerma) and dh Kaleena Paige 10lb, 23"
12/11/06 Misty (mpoush) and dh Madeline Marie 7lb 10oz, 20.25"
12/9/06 Julie (juliejuli) Peter Joseph
12/3/06 Cynthia (MoonReaper) Zoe Clare 7lb 5oz, 20"
12/2/06 April (aciello1) and Brian Paige Therese 9lb 8oz, 21.5"
11/20/06 Shawna (Cathoholik) John 9lb 12oz
11/19/06 Summer (SRM2006) and Brian Allison 7lb 9oz
11/10/06 Anna (AnnaJRD) and dh Carol Elizabeth 8lb 13oz
10/25/06 Kelsey (SkiCO) and dh David Benjamin 8lb 12oz, 19.5"
10/23/06 Stephanie (GemGen4) and Jay (Badstrong) Sean Albin 5lb 3.6oz
10/20/06 Ande (ANDEMCD) and dh Connor Michael 8lb 4oz, 20"
10/18/06 Sally (wessysmom) and Andy M. Colton Paul
10/13/06 Brandy (Winfreygang) and Sean Branson Malachi 7lb 11oz
10/11/06 Rachel (macrina1) and dh Alexander Damian
10/11/06 Lucy (momtimesfour) and dh Myra Lynn 8lb 12oz, 19.75"
10/9/06 Melissa (marirez1122) and Frank Kenneth Raphael 8lb 6oz, 20.25"
10/6/06 Nora (Qwill) and Joshua Sebastian Jude 8lb 12oz, 22"
10/3/06 Linda (catholicmum) and dh Annabelle Daisy Iona
9/29/06 Gia (jayhawker91) and dh Zachary Luke 4lb 9oz
9/22/06 Kara (Joyfulft7) and dh Clare Isabelle
9/13/06 Teresa (Teresa7146) and dh Joseph David 11lb 8oz, 21.5"
8/23/06 Rebecca (Ruhbehka1) and Mark Malachy 9lb 3oz, 21.5"
8/17/06 Heather (hettydodd27) and dh Annika Margaret 6lb 12oz, 19"
8/17/06 Kelly (s_kelly) and dh Leah Anne 5lb 15oz, 18"
8/17/06 Lori (satcook) and dh Lucy Olivia 8lb 6.5oz, 20.5"
8/12/06 Katie (kcavnar) and Peter Joseph Michael 8lb, 20"
8/10/06 Meg (MegNFP) and Jared Charlotte Andrea 6lb 13oz, 19"
8/5/06 Candice (candicami) and dh Alphonse Benjamin 9lb, 21"
8/1/06 Mel (jonswife) and Jon Theresa 8lb 14oz
7/21/06 Krista (LaVieBohem1) and Rob Lily Christine 7lb 6oz, 19.5"
7/20/06 Eleonora (ele_max) and Max Santiago Alessandro 6lb 15oz, 20"
7/19/06 Jen (CarolinaJen) and DH Annelisa Michelle 8lb 13oz, 20-21"
7/13/06 Tara (taramarissa) and dh Sophia Marie 7lb 9oz
7/12/06 Becky (rebecca3605) Luke Bradley 8lb 13oz, 20.5"
7/12/06 Heather (StRoseP) and John Gabriel James 6lb 15oz
7/12/06 Lisa (lisaandchris) and Chris Grayden William 7lb 14oz, 20.5"
6/29/06 Susan (trooperswyfe) and dh Samuel Perry 5lb 1oz
6/29/06 Cheryl (CherylS99) and dh Calla Renee 7lb 4oz, 20"
6/28/06 Christine (NFPuser) and Hugo Eva Grace 8lb 12oz, 21"
6/25/06 Meagan (MegD03) and dh Helen Marie 7lb 11oz, 21"
6/22/06 Ashley (SCHLEY) and Todd Merrin Elizabeth 6lb 12.5oz, 18.5"
6/21/06 Mandy (mandylayne) and Justin Seamus Gregory 7lb 11oz, 21.5"
6/20/06 Becky (mili_cat) and Bob Rosemarie (Rosie) Patricia 9lb 5oz, 21.5"
6/20/06 Nicole (giddyup_go) and Gary Grace Olivia 7lb 2oz, 21.5"
6/16/06 Stacey (MooMooLohrer) and dh Oliver Patrick 8lb 7oz, 21"
6/17/06 Terri (Bellysmama) and dh Madeline Sophie 7lb 3oz, 18.5"
6/17/06 Karen (iLuv2create) and dh JJ
6/10/06 Cristina (cleassan) and Brian Tobias Ethan 8lb 2oz, 20.5"
5/2/06 Jamie (jayme_415) and dh Maddox Lee 6lb 2oz, 18.5"
4/26/06 Sue (sueh16) and dh Connor Daniel 9lb 2oz, 22.5"
4/22/06 Megan (MRock3) and John Evan James 9lb 12oz, 21.5"
4/12/06 Lisa (lisalmr) and John Sean Joseph 7lb 3oz
4/11/06 Sheri (chikkidee) and dh Owen Gregory
3/31/06 Angela (astanford) and William Tobias Edward 7lb 3oz, 20"
3/18/06 Melissa (honeybharris) and Nathan Danielle
3/17/06 Nina (EmpressG) and Surya Lorenzo Christopher Lucius 8lb 4oz
3/14/06 Karen (KMTeresa) and dh Katherine Rebecca 7lb 11.5oz, 19.25"
3/14/06 Stef (StefLM) and dh Michael Adam 7lb 13oz
3/6/06 Lisa (MrsVaty) and dh Celine Madeleine
3/2/06 Pam (ponyexpress2) and Sean Seamus Andrew
2/22/06 Jackie (jacquel13) and Scott Felicity Therese 9lb, 21.5"
2/17/06 Meghan (Meghan1119) and dh Gianna Marie 7lb 15oz, 21"
2/12/06 Alison (AlisonG2) and dh Luke Michael 9lb 2oz
12/5/05 Jen (JenWI409) and Nate Nora Eve 7lb 11oz
1/28/06 Jospehine (Momyofchiara) and dh Eamon James 8lb 6oz, 20"
1/27/06 Laura (LAURAKC) and Adam Camille 6lb 15oz, 19"
1/24/06 Sue (snoozinsoozi) and dh Christina Anne 7lb 2oz, 19"
1/18/06 Hannah (HannahWes) and David Eleanor Marie 8lb 7oz, 20"
1/17/06 Stacy (CHLOBE) and Darrin Camden Daniel 8lb 8oz, 20.5"
1/16/06 Micki (MGILLIAM) and Dana Seamus
1/14/06 Petra (petra_anne) and Brian Samantha Grace "Thumper" 7lb 0oz, 20"
1/11/06 Beth (bethmarielot) and John Abigail Marie 7lb 9oz, 18.25"
1/6/06 Starrla (STARRLAC) and Johnathan Michael Jacob 9lb 9oz
1/03/06 Beth (Facewoman) and Joshua Karol Jozef 8lb 12oz
12/28/05 Laura (LauraLizC) and Cal Gianna Marie 7lb 5oz
12/22/05 Jessica (jessinoel28) and dh Joseph Thomas 8lb 1.5oz, 20"
12/10/05 Mary (lab1224) and Scott Scott Christopher 6lb 8oz
11/16/05 Jean (jeanpa) and dh Katharine 7lb 3oz
11/9/05 Teresa (TeresaH00) and Jason Elizabeth Ann
10/28/05 Kelly (KelliAnn) and Kelly Cora Rose 7lb 6.5oz
10/18/05 Kristin (96DOMER) and dh Mary Theresa
10/16/05 David and Marcella (nobc4me) Eudora Irene LeClerc
9/29/05 Megan (MEGAN3600) and Steve Aneira Mair
9/3/05 Shelly (MargaritaP) and Tim Carson Thomas
8/28/05 Josh and Shawna (Cathoholik) Kiara Elizabeth
8/20/05 Emily (Emily0605) and Jason Patrick Nelson 8lb 0oz, 20.75"
8/17/05 AM (spatulate) and Ray Jack Liam
08/02/05 Natalie (TIGGERCAT) and Andrew Megan 9lb 15 oz
7/25/05 Kimberly (mikkimg) and Charles Cecilia Alice 7lb 9oz
7/13/05 Shannon (SBRizzo) and dh Emerson Kate 6lb, 18.75"
6/28/05 Mart (PeaceMart) and Ann Marie Bernadette Regina 10lb 2.5oz, 21.5in
6/26/05 Brandy (Winfreygang) and Sean Sean Phinehas 8lb 2oz
6/13/05 Becky (aug22) and Phil Peter Jozef 8lb 3oz
6/1/05 Katie (aufan4) and dh Thomas 6lb 6oz, 19.5"
5/26/05 Jessica (DenverWife) and dh Henry Antonio
5/9/05 Briana (NurseBriana) and David Rita Claire
5/4/05 Susan (SueBeeHoni) and Brian Marissa Therese
4/22/05 Blair (blairb4) and Steven Elizabeth Ann Marie 7lb 5oz, 19"
4/1/05 Michele (MicheleS2314) and dh Margaret Grace "Maggie"
3/30/05 Kristin (kristin1974) and Michael Emily Katharine
3/26/05 Monica (auggiesmom) and dh Camille Therese 8lb 4oz, 20in
3/11/05 Sara (ska21) and dh Eleanor Stewart 9lb 5oz
3/9/05 Theresa (kuehnemom) and dh Joseph Benedict
3/3/05 Cheryl (CherylS99) and dh Patrick Ryan 6lb 7oz, 21.5"
2/16/05 Lisa (LM96) and dh Matthias 6lb 1oz, 19.25"
1/13/05 Tracy (tofrick) and dh Theodore Gregory 7lb 5oz
1/6/05 Michelle (bejonama) and David Gabriel Emmanuel Linden 8 lb
1/2/05 Ann (annkirstin) and dh Kyle
12/13/04 Ahna (lutheranNFP) and Jonathan Joseph William
12/6/04 Mark and Charity (KansasMomO3) Ainsley Bridget 8lb 10oz
11/20/04 Celina (CELINA31) and Jason Amalie Cristina 6lb 10oz, 19"
11/10/04 Melissa (honeybharris) and Nathan Isaac
11/8/04 Katie (peppyk) and Nate Ezra Cian
11/5/04 Corrie (CorrieLynn) and Darren Peter Logan
11/3/04 Erika (erikamarie13) and Joe Joseph
10/26/04 Lucy (lucyinAZ) and Jeff Ian 8lb 6oz, 21.25"
10/12/04 Micki (MGILLIAM) and Dana Sophia Claire
9/25/04 Melissa (marirez1122) and Frank Francisco
8/25/04 Cathy (mommycatb) and dh Corrie Grace
8/18/04 Jen (JENWISC) and Dave Mary Margaret
8/2/04 Jackie (LetgoletGod) and dh Rebecca Marie
7/23/04 Katie (kcavnar) and Peter Grace Mary
7/20/04 mtnclimr and dh Juliana Grace 8lb 1oz, 20"
7/15/04 Erin (ERINMJL) and Derek Theresa Marie 8lb.3oz.; 21"
6/24/04 MelindaLou (MELINDALOU) and Greg Rachel Marie 7lb.5oz.; 20.5"
6/19/04 Becky (MILI_CAT) and DH Roger Lynn 9lb.15oz.; 21.25"
6/17/04 Christie (chsokie) and Mark Brooke Elizabeth 7lb.5oz.; 19"
6/10/04 Nora (Qwill) and Joshua Blaise Francis 6lb.15oz.
6/10/04 Mary A. (MIRYAM71) and Dave Isaac David 8lb.4oz.; 20"
6/9/04 Rachel (macrina1) and dh Anthony Joseph
6/4/04 Tina (TGRIFF3) and Gregg Luke Joseph 8lb.1oz.; 20"
6/4/04 Shelly (MargaritaP) and Tim Ellie Marie
6/3/04 Sally (WESSYSMOM) and Andy Ashton Daniel 7lb.10oz.; 21"
5/31/04 Jen F. (CAROLINAJEN) and DH Eleanor Emilia 8lb.12oz.; 21"
5/28/04 Tom (CAPTOMMO) and DW Peter Gregory 8lb.7oz.; 20.7"
5/18/04 Stacy (CHLOBE) and Darrin Annika Elizabeth
5/13/04 Andrea (ANDIEDK1966) and Joe Amelia Maria 6lb.10oz.
5/12/04 Ray (RSCHEEL) and Leasha Siena Catherine 7lb.11oz.; 20.75"
5/7/04 Corrie (CORRIELYNN) and Darren Julia's Gotcha Day!
4/13/04 Laura (LAURAKC) and dh Joseph Andrew
4/12/04 Tenille (NENO1978) and Chris Eliana Bright 8lb.10oz.; 21"
4/9/04 Stefanie (STEFLM) and Adam Mary Elizabeth 7lb.10oz.
4/9/04 Karen (KMTeresa) and Marc Abigail Elizabeth Marie 7lb.1oz., 20.5"
4/8/04 Jane (JANEK2) and Ben Rachel Eve 9lb.9 oz., 21.5"
3/31/04 Jackie (JACQUEL13) and Scott (SCOHOP) Kephas Anthony 8lb. 6oz., 21"
3/19/04 Gail (GAILM729) and James Julia Frances .
3/6/04 Simcha (BEOFISH) and Damien Elijah Trinity 8lb. 5oz.
2/22/04 Meg (MEGNFP)and Jared Aurora Melinda 7lb. 9oz., 19.5"
2/20/04 Nina (DancingMommy/EMPRESSG) and DH Anabella Cecilia ?lb. ?oz., ?"
2/19/04 Wendy (WAJJER) and Sam Katharine Grace 7lb. 12oz.
2/15/04 Megan (MROCK3)and John Sela Joy 8lb. 11oz., 21.25"
2/12/04 Ande (ANDEMCD) and Rob Kyle William 9lb. 1oz., 21"
2/10/04 Cynthia (MOONREAPER) and Tom Elijah Thomas 7lb. 12oz.
2/5/04 Kimberly (MIKKIMG) and Charles Neil Benjamin 7lb. 11oz., 20.75"
1/21/04 Micki (MGILLIAM) and Dana Sophia Claire 9lb 12oz
1/10/04 Susan (SBLAZEK1) and Al Caleb Athanasius 8lb., 21"
1/9/04 Mary (LAB1224) and Scott Janet Teresa 5lb. 12oz., 19"
12/31/03 Colleen (CollCarr) and Steven Sarah Jane
12/30/03 CHELLE1979 and DH Gabriella Angelica .
12/17/03 Lisa (LISAANDCHRIS) and Chris Kennedy Michelle 7lb. 13oz, 20"
12/16/03 Annie and Mike Isaac's Homecoming!
12/15/03 Lisa (LMARGARET) and Rob Lydia Carmen Gail 4lb. 1oz, 17.25"
12/14/03 Annie and Mike Isaac's Gotcha Day!
12/5/03 Hannah (HANNAHWES) and David Ava Frances 8lb. 5oz.
11/28/03 Shannon (SBRIZZO) and Michael Reagan Clare .
10/25/03 (MAMAMARYO) and Anthony Liam David 7lb. 8oz, 20.5"
10/24/03 Sue H. (SUEH16) and DH Alanna Mary 8lb. 6oz, 21"
10/22/03 Katharine (McKarnin) and Anthony Olivia 6lb 8oz
10/17/03 Cathy T. (CATHERIN549) and Paul Steven Joseph 8lb. 5oz.
10/11/03 Jill (MOMMYOF4PLUS) and Tom Sarah Elizabeth 9lb. 3oz., 19.5"
10/11/03 Kathi (AZKATHI) and DH Emily 8lb. 8oz., 21"
10/8/03 Bethann (BETHANNLEE) and Jim Kevin Michael 9lb. 10oz.
9/29/03 Melissa (MelNM) and Drew Kelly Ray 7lb., 20"
9/23/03 Kelly (KELLY_J) and Conrad Emelye Carol (Emme) 9lb. 2oz, 20.25"
9/23/03 Melanie (JONSWIFE) and Jon Rachel 9lb. 15oz, 21"
9/??/03 Meghan (MEGHAN1119) and DH Emma Louise 7lb. 4oz, 19.5"
8/20/03 Teresa (Teresa7146) and Joe Grace Marie 9lb 2oz, 22"
8/4/03 MARIE3088 and DH Matthew Mark
8/3/03 Dinka (DINKAS) and Lincoln Veronika
8/1/03 Katie (KATIEAZ) and Marc Paige Marilyn
7/30/03 Kate (KATE2811) and DH Andrew Joseph
7/30/03 Christine (NFPUSER) and DH Jonah Brian
7/18/03 Krista (LAVIEBOHEM1) and Rob Moira Angela
7/12/03 Nicole (AMOUSEGURU) and Eugene Dominik Ik-Joon
7/10/03 Sheila (SHELABELL8) and Jack Hunter Jackson
7/8/03 Susan (ROSEBUD811) and Steven Jonathan James
7/8/03 Tara (TARA_SD) and DH Andrew
6/30/03 Susan (TROOPERSWYFE) and Dan Maria Grace
6/28/03 Michelle (BEJONAMA) and David Elizabeth Margaret Michelle 9lb 12oz
6/27/03 Jacqueline(LETGOLETGOD) and Jason Catherine Marie
6/26/03 Suso (SUSO711) and DH Rebecca Anne
6/15/03 Natalie (GNATMO) and Dan Gregory Leo
6/12/03 Sue (SUEBEEHONI) and Brian Caitlin Anne
6/11/03 Monica (AUGGIESMOM) and DH Genevieve Lorraine Manijeh (Gigi)
5/24/03 Ann Marie (AMSEQUIM) and Ray Aidan Charles
5/24/03 AM (spatulate) and Ray Aidan Charles
5/15/03 Laura (LAURALIZC) and Cal Isabella Grace
5/2/03 Sara (XYLINA12) and Rocky Gianna Mary
?/?/03 Claudia (CLAUDIAJMJ) and John Gianna Lucia
4/28/03 MichelleCBH and DH Sarah Elizabeth
4/24/03 Ali (ALISONG) and Jake Samuel Jacob
3/9/03 Kelsey (SKICO) and Ben Joseph Patrick
3/7/03 Debbie (NAPRO) and Jason Clare Francis
2/19/03 Kristin (KRISTIN1974) and Michael Natalie Rose
2/13/03 Stephanie (STEPHMOMOF4) and Mike Ciaran Anthony
2/11/03 Susan (PACHIMAC) and Michael Melissa Therese (Lissy)
2/11/03 Laura (TREKKIEMOM) and Jason Gabrielle Rose
1/28/03 Becca (TINIDRIL) and Chris Clare Judith
1/8/03 Christine (CHRIS24256) and Chad Nathan Karol
1/7/03 Lisa (LISALMR) and DH Tessa Grace
1/2/03 Jodi (JODIRPH) and Jeff Linelle Evelyn
12/31/02 Chrissy (CCHRISSY1) and Earl baby boy
12/30/02 Clare and Pat Grace Maria
12/17/02 Annie and Mike Isaac Joseph
12/17/02 Kelly E. (KELLYE65) and Mike James Ryan
12/14/02 Leah (LEAHDBC) and Zac Gabriel
11/28/02 Katie (PEPPYK) and Nate Natalya Josephine
11/25/02 Molly (MOLLY252) and Bryant Genevieve Laurenne (Genna)
11/12/02 Amber (AMBERLY26) and Shane Macy Michele
11/6/02 Kelli (Kaitsmomma) and James Jeremy Joo Young
8lb 11oz.
11/6/02 Gracieanne (GRACIEANN1) and Jeff Clara Joan
10/23/02 Leigha and DH Aaron
9/27/02 Bernadette (BALOH) and Loren Maria Rose
9/10/02 Karen (iLuv2create) and dh Caleb Michael 9lb 7oz, 21.5"
8/8/02 Mart (PEACEMART) and Ann Marie Dorothy Grace
8/7/02 Daisy (MARGARITAP) and DH Landon James
7/31/02 Becky (MILI_CAT) and Bob Paolo Santino
7/22/02 Colleen (CollCarr) and Steven Chancellor Cole
7/11/02 Celine (SLEEN_) and DH Sean
6/24/02 KIMMER323 and DH Aidan Matthew
6/22/02 Jenn (DOULAJENN) and Jimmy Andrew James
6/15/02 Sarah (ISABELLASMOM) and Chris Katalina Bernadette
6/13/02 Jacqueline (LETGOLETGOD) and Jason Mary Frances
6/10/02 EMPRESSG and DH Gabriella Therese
5/29/02 Sue M. (SNOOZINSOOZIN) and Frank Joseph Cole
5/26/02 Jane (JANIEMOM) and Mark Matthew Murphy
5/8/02 Caroline (CB5001) and DH Maximilian Charles (Max)
5/7/02 Simcha (BEOFISH) and Damien Moses John Paul
5/3/02 Melinda (MELINDALOU) and Greg Hannah Louise
4/20/02 Susan (TROOPERSWYFE) and Dan Jack
4/7/02 Kristen (MTNCLIMR) and DH Gabrielle Faith
3/26/02 Susan (SBLAZEK1) and Alfred Paul Isaiah
3/26/02 Cathy (MOMMYCATB) and Joe Mallory Anastasia
3/25/02 Pam (PAMMYWOMBAT) and Pete Marie Grace
3/20/02 Jenni and Jay (post vas-rev.) Therese Marie ("Tessa")
3/5/02 Charity (KANSASMOMOF4) and Mark Elizabeth Ann
2/17/02 Jen F. (CAROLINAJEN) and DH Evelyn Julia
2/12/02 TamW and DH Julia Kate
2/7/02 Sarah (SARAHR333) and Matt Julia Morgan
1/29/02 Dani (SLINGMOMMY) and Josh Matthew Kolbe Leon
1/12/02 Jessica (JESSICANOELW) and Matt Dominic Aaron
1/7/02 Lisa (JUSTLISA6) and Frank Matthew Joseph
12/28/01 Winnie (POOHBEAR 3647) and DH Michelle Ann
11/20/01 Jen (JENWISC) and Dave Katherine Elizabeth
10/29/01 Angela (astanford) and William Nathaniel Elmon 8lb 15oz
10/23/01 Renee (NEETJE) and Jonathan Nicholas Lambert
Noelle Anastasia
10/11/01 Amy (AMYH17) and Tom Sophie Anne
10/9/01 Natalie (GNATMO) and Dan Margaret Rose
10/2/01 Monica (AUGGIESMOM) and DH Celine Marie Angelica
9/24/01 Lisa (LMARGARET) and Rob Robert John
9/13/01 Heidi and Nahme Elias Nahme
8/25/01 Mary D (MARYD123) and Nate Adrienne Leah
8/24/01 Katharine (McKarnin) and Anthony Francesca 5lb 12oz
7/25/01 Kelly (KELLY_J) and Conrad Hannah Elaine
7/1/01 Clarissa and Steve Annabelle Melissa
6/29/01 Ali (ALISONG) and Jake Lydia Rose
6/20/01 Susan (ROSEBUD811) and Steven Rebecca Mary
5/28/01 Jodi (JODIRPH) and Jeff Monica Elizabeth

Our Littlest Saints
Levi Jesse-11/27/93 Baby Chris K.
Baby B. Angel Baby-1/9/02
Mary-5/95 Joseph-8/95
Franc(i)(e)s-12/01 Michael-1971
Angel Mary-12/00 Brandon Angel-12/00
Gabriel Ortwerth Mary Ortwerth
Josie-10/28/00 James-4/02/02
Matthew-3/95 Michelle-1/96
Matthew-11/6/96 Baby-4/99
Baby Erin-6/00 Baby-6/01
Joshua Michael-11/99 Mary Grace-2/00
3 Siblings-1960's Hope-9/97
Sibling-1991 Baby-3/02
NFP Board Babies my little one-7/24/92
Erina's Baby Paula's Baby-1983
Baby Rizzo-7/20/02 Baby Nevaeh-7/29/02
Loren Joseph Henninger-9/20/99 Tess Elena Henninger-6/21/02
Grace Elizabeth-10/00 Marie Grace-06/27/02
Emmanuel and Elizabeth-8/02 Baby Belisle-9/02
Amelie Baby Souzek-07/11/02
Ara-10/16/02 Baby A
Baby-8/15 Raphael Shalom - 8/03
Mary Agnes B - 3/04 John-Paul - 6/05
Michael - 7/8/05 Grace P. - 7/23/05
Natalie - 2/2/00 Faith - 2/28/05
Jess - 2/6/06 Sally's baby - 9/26/05
Kyle Andrew - 2/8/06 Baby Wesley - 1/27/05
Baby T - 4/2/06 (Celina and Jason) Hope Michelle - 5/9/06
Elizabeth C - 7/14/06 Samual James - 9/29/06
Baby Sebastien - 1/22/07 Gianna Marie - 3/14/05
Agnes - 12/06 Augustine Patrick - 3/18/07
JohnPaul - 4/06 Baby H - 2/04
Baby H - 11/06 Clare Margaret - 8/5/04
Rachel Rose 10/22/04 Angel Baby 7/03
Gabriel 9/11/07 Matthew Christian 1/07
Nehamiah 11/30/05 Baby Lee 01/2007
Benjamin 04/17/2008
We also remember all children lost to miscarriage, contraception, and abortion, particularly those in our circles of family and friends.

Postings to this page are made by request only. If you have an upcoming wedding, pregnancy, recent birth, or a memorial that you would like posted to this page, please e-mail Valerie with the appropriate info.

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