Some Common Acronyms Used on the NFP Discussion Board

SAHM=Stay-At-Home Mom DH=Dear Husband DD=Dear Daughter
DS=Dear Son MIL=Mother-In-Law FIL=Father-In-Law
SIL=Sister-In-Law BIL=Brother-In-Law AF=Aunt Flo
CM=Cervical Mucus EWCM=Egg-White Cervical Mucus O=Ovulation
LTL=Low Temperature Level HTL=High Temperature Level NAK=Nursing At Keyboard
AP=Attachment Parenting TTC=Trying To Conceive 2WW=2 Week Wait (between O and AF)
BD=Baby Dance LOL=Laugh Out Loud ROFL=Rolling On the Floor Laughing
IM(NS)(H)O=In My(Not So)(Humble)Opinion BTW=By The Way IOW=In Other Words
b/c=because HTH=Hope That Helps KWIM?=Know What I Mean?
TMI=Too Much Information BF=BreastFeeding
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