July 1st 1916 War Diary

Honours and Awards - The Royal Newfoundland Regiment First World War

The Fighting Newfoundlanders Honour Roll The Royal Newfoundland Regiment, First World War

The Newfoundland Regiment at Gallipoli - Terra Nova Greens

"I Remain, Your Loving Son" - How to obtain a copy of the video

The Fighting Newfoundlander - John Crowell

We Will Remember - The Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Beaumont Hamel

Private Thomas Ricketts - Victoria Cross

Newfoundland War Memorials
- Harry Palmer Gallery 

Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit 1939-1946
- Cliff Pike

A Place Called Home - Roland Noel's homepage - see link Lest We Forget

Newfoundland and The Great War - Very detailed and unique, with alot of info

Newfoundland and The Great War - Royal Newfoundland Regiment video clips

The letters of Soldier Francis Thomas Lind - Sent to the Daily News during WWI

166th Newfoundland Field Regiment, Royal Artillery - Main page

166th Newfoundland Field Regiment, Royal Artillery - Diary written during WWII

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment - Personal homepage of Don Marche

The Blue Puttees - Transcript provided by The War Amps

Newfoundland's Grand Banks  - Military Records and lots of information. A must see!

Newfoundland's Grand Banks  - Military Records index

Beyond A Name And Number - The Book of Remembrance

The Beaumont Memorial Home Page

The Newfoundland Regiment at the Somme

Newfoundland and the Great War - M.U.N. (outdated but informative)

The Royal Canadian Legion - The Newfoundland and Labrador Command

Veterans Affairs Canada - Search for Newfoundland articles

Stanley I. Hillier and the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve

Men of the Newfoundland Division of the Royal Naval Reserve lost in HMS Viknor

The Spanish Lady and the Newfoundland Regiment - Flu Epidemic During World War I

RNR Bulger's Coy - Royal Newfoundland Fencible Regiment War of 1812 re-enactment group

Newfoundland Rangers - The history of The Newfoundland Rangers

North Atlantic US Military Bases - U.S. presence in the North Atlantic. A must see!

Photo Gallery

Royal Canadian Legion's Newfoundland Wartime Photo Gallery

Duke of Connaught inspecting guard of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, April 1918
at Winchester, England. The Regimental mascot, Sable Cheif, is in the foreground.

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