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The following poem was written by William Sears of Seal Cove.  Upon listening to an episode of CBC's "Here and Now" in which two of our war heroes were being interviewed, Mr. Sears was inspired to write this poem in tribute to their extraordinary experience, shared by so many others who laid everything on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today.

The Reunion

(Matt Brown and Bill Tuff)

They met and embraced after fifty long years

A soldier, a sailor, and yes, there were tears.

As memories came flooding, they tried hard to speak,

To comfort each other, some solace to seek.

As young men they enlisted, brave volunteers,

Fighting for freedom, they conquered their fears.

They were both captured, in prison did dwell.

No! Not really a prison, but a living hell.

We must not forget them and the courage they showed,

To them all our thanks and honor is owed.

So stop for a minute as Remembrance Day nears,

And think of those brave men, and their wartime years.


Lest they be forgotten, the children should know,

"In Flanders Fields the Poppies Grow".


~Bill Sears~

William Sears 2000


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