Newfoundland Bouldering
Welcome to Bouldering in Newfoundland! We are located in the Atlantic Ocean, as the most eastern province in Canada. I am writing out of St. John's, the most eastern city in North America. Not many people know, but due to the fact that we live on a rock there is alot of climbing here. Every session there are first ascents, or at least attempts! This is my first shot at a web site so bear with me, I will try my best. In the next little while I will be adding beta on classic lines here on the island.
If you are a beginner I would suggest going to Flatrock to become framiliar with the art of bouldering. Then head to the highway. The problems are hard and the rock is less forgiving. The rock compostion is a mixture of granite to conglomerates. This can cause for some sharp texture.
If in the area feel free to contact me on accessing areas or beta for problems.
I highly recommend if heading out to the highway to wear leather boots as the barrens make for wet walking. Also people please do not litter, this also includes discarding of tape!!!
Happy bouldering!
SDS means "sit down start"
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