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New Zealand has a huge variety of accomodation, from NZ$13 per night, to NZ$1000's!

//Top value

By far the best value is to be had from 'backpackers' which are hostels. These are VERY popular in New Zealand, for their combination of providing you with the basics you need and value. Accomodation varies from dormitories (small and large), through to en-suite doubles! Prices vary from as low as NZ$13 for a dorm bed in a basic establishment, to about NZ$55-60 for an ensuite double.

Because of their popularity, every small town has at least one or two, you'll find them in the middle of nowhere, and you're spoilt for choice in larger cities. There are hostel networks, some of which own the hostels, whereas in others, the hostels are affiliated to the network. The more popular networks are:

Each network produces a 'guide' to the hostels. The BBH guide is often monickered 'The Bible' - because it virually is! In all cases, you pay for the privilege of being a member, along with other benefits such as phone calls, and get a dollar or two discount per person per night at each hostel. The guide books can usually be picked up for free on arrival.

They attract a mixed crowd, from late teens through twenties and into senties and eighties. They are usually friendly places, where you can choose to socialise with like-minded folk, or relax of your own accord. Watch out for some aimed at partying 18 year olds. Unless your into that!

It's VITAL to book a few days ahead (a week at least for Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) in summer if you want a good hostel, turning up on the day in winter is OK, except for big cities (still a few days).

//Top Whack

If you want exclusivity, then you can easily pay hundreds of dollars per night for a homestay, or b&b. Some are listed below, and by all accounts, are very nice. I've never been to one, but I know people who have been, and they rate them for special occasions.

Try Searching New Zealand's Google.

//And everything in between

Hotels, Motels, Homestays - New Zealand has it all. Major hotel chains are well represented, along with small independant motels in every time. Personally, I'd go with backpackers hostels everytime.

Check out purenz

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