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Basically, you have five options: fly, boat, drive, bike or walk. Walking isn't what this site is about, so we'll discount that. Biking will take ages, but would be a sweet trip, so as soon as someone has done it/I research it more, I'll get some info on the site. Boating will similarly take a while, but if you want to emmigrate there, you could take a lot of stuff. So I'll cover your flight options here, as it's the most practicable way.


This is where things can get complicated, but I'll try and help you out. There are two directions to get essentially to the opposite side of the world - via America or via Asia (you have to change planes/re fuel somewhere on the way), many many airlines and resellers, and a variety of ticket types.

It must be those big americans...

Luggage is seperated into two places on a plane - the stuff you check in and don't see till the other end is your checked baggage. You can also take a bag on the plane - this is your carry-on luggage.

For some bizarre reason, perhaps explained by cunsumerism in America, you get a shed load more baggage allowance if, when you start your journey, you go via the states, rather than via asia. This seems to be regardless of airline. Via asia you get 20kg maximum, plus your carry on.

If you go out via America, you can take *two* checked bags plus a carry on. Each checked bag can be upto 32kg. You can therefore take a total of 64kg, divided equally between the two bags. He's the good bit: one of these two bags can be a bike! Best to bag or box it up

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