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Hello All!! Thank you for stopping by to visit my little piece of the Internet World where YouCan find links to websites that PAY you to join them or take advantage of their products and services. Some pay CASH! Some give you rewards and contest entries! Some provide the opportunity to start your own business! And almost all are FREE to join or just offer really cool & useful FREE stuff!
There are many, many sites willing to pay you to join them or even just to veiw their own or their sponsors' ads! I've sorted through these 'Pay to Surf' sites and listed the BEST of them here, along with a few other extremely useful & potentially very profitable programs. Please take a few moments to look around and I'm sure you'll find your visit not only rewarding, but lots of FUN, too!

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Get Paid REAL CASH Get PAID for the 5 'S's (search,surf,shop,signup,set startpage)

my personal faveGet over $200.00! Netflip was my first 'get paid to' site-now I'm hopelessly hooked-and you will be,too!!

3 cents per search! Want to earn money while you surf the 'Net? pays you $0.03 for every search! Join Now!

set start page-get PAID! is a really cool Portal page that PAYS for setting your start page, searches & much more!!

get ready, get set, set your start page! is another 'set your start page' portal that PAYS!! bullet This is the ultimate in "get paid to use the web" programs, but it's really a search engine/index! Help develop search the way you want it! Join is an program that offers so many differnet and FUN ways to get PAID for using the Internet you won't know what to do first! they also PAY you to read and send emails! Click Here for zWallet!

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Get PAID to read your Email!Get PAID to Read Email(join Getpaid5times for 5 at once or select individually)

High Pay per Email! Join HTMail's opt-in Get Paid to Read Email Program. Highest paying GPTREM program-get paid up to .24 cents per email! From our friends in the UK.

get organizedGet PAID for 5 times the emails & only promote one website-pretty cool idea!!

loads of free stuffMint yourself a dime every time with MintMail! Check it out!!

Sends more mailSendmoreinfo is another of the Getpaid5times family for good reason!

Cashaday.comBrand NEW 'Get paid to read Email' program!

**UPDATE 12/29** InboxDolars is now Paying $5 for EVERY new member you 'sponsor' or refer!!(everyone that joins using your referral link) Even if you got the referral through InboxDollar's "Gold" membership!

gives referrals-see Gold planThis program is growing fast & they have a special Gold membership deal you'll love!

InterBossAnother good PAYING GPTREM program that has been around and is easy to use as well as FUN!

*All the programs in this section areFree! Free! Free! to join!

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UPDATE! The QuickProfit Club is BACK IN BUSINESS and BETTER than EVER! quickprofitclub banner

QuickProfitClub is an interesting and very helpful program that helps you get into chosen 'Get Paid' programs with a pre-built downline matrix, so that when everyone joins, you start earning checks much more quickly then if you join alone! And if you're not good at getting referrals, you can even earn them with QuickProfitClub's "Dedicated Surfer" feature!
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**Hint** If you're interested in earning more than just some extra cash, start by joining a few of the FREE programs listed above, then list them on a webpage of your own(YouCan get one FREE here!) and get all your friends to join the same programs from your website(not from your computer)-then you'll get paid when THEY use the Internet, too!!
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