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    As some of you may already know, YouCan2 is planning a new feature that will allow you to post your favorite link, website, affiliate program or whatever, called YouCanList2. While I had hoped to be able to launch on March 1st, I have decided to make some major changes before launching YouCanList2. As you probably know, Yahoo/Geocites offers free webspace which is great for just starting out and learning to build webpages, but when it comes to handling a program with the fuctions and features that YouCanList2 will have, a free website just won't cut it.

    So, I am currently in the process of registering my domain and finding a new host for YouCan2 and YouCanList2. I hope that you will bear with us here at YouCan2 and continue to check back regularly to visit. I will be posting our new website address and more info on how YouCanList2 works, the free bonuses for posting your links and so on.

    Thank you so much for your continued support and patience. I look forward to serving you in the near future. In the are some of the reasons you will want to come back and list YOUR favorite website...

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    On a different note, you'll notice that most of the pages within YouCan2 have a number of links to websites and services where YouCan promote or advertise your own website or your 'get paid' programs' webpage. The reason for that is because, while you will make money and accumulate 'points' when you join the programs listed here, if you are 'by yourself' it takes much longer than if you have referrals helping you. And I don't care what any of the programs tell you about -"just get your friends and family to join and you'll make lots of money"- Nobody wants to be constantly nagging at their friends and family to join these kinds of programs! If you do, your friends won't be friends very long and in lots of cases, your family uses the same computer you do, so they cannot join anyway! What that means is that you need to get referrals another way-that way is Promoting/Advertising your site! So please, make use of the FREE traffic building links YouCan find all over YouCan2! They're good ones and most are absolutely FREE! And don't forget-if you know of a good webmaster resource or 'get paid' program not already listed on YouCan2, submit it with your brief review using the form located HERE!

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