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                  Topics In MIS              Quiz # 1



1.    F Concise is one of the 7 C's in evaluating a web page for the project A and B.

2.    T Computing an equation is faster than searching for example computing Sin of 45 degree.

3.    T Index is the default name of your homepage but it is better to have home.htm as well.

4.    T There is no website that contains no errors.

5.    F All Colleges and Universities should use Google as their search engine.

6.    F Html, a, li, table, form, input, textarea, img, select, are 10 commandments of HTML.

7.    F In JavaScript, the keyword var is used to declare variables and is same as Pascal language.

8.    T Linux is less secure than Windows and therefore there are more viruses for Linux

9.    F In JavaScript, to check if two objects are equivalent you use = = .

10.   T End of file is a good concept when we know the size of the data file.

11.   T A compiler translate a high level   program into a lower language like Perl.

12.   T   Completeness is one of the 7 C's that insures the correctness of the  web page.

13.   F GUI stands for Graphical User Interpreter

14.   T  Search engine should contain an input type of text and password.

15.   F
In HTML color safe colors are divisible by 24 such as 33ff9933.

16.   T To view the code of a website you would go to View tab and select Source with left mouse.

17.    T   A Loop is a repetitive part of a program and the main keyword is "if " and "else"?

18.   F   In C++, does = = stand for equality and comparison not assignment?

19.   F   Counter to find the size of data we must use a loop control variable such as a counter.

20.    T   People are frustrated by the internet and buying less  product online.

21.    F   The Internet is not very useful tool for web search and place you right there as what you want.

22.    T Understanding of entire  HTML is very important  for any business manager.

23.    F   To advertise your business you can get free geocities account but you must have a gmail account.

24.    F In order to get batter website you need to spend good amount of money.

25.    T Learning programming online is easier than face to face since it is convenient and you don't need a lab

26.    F
In your Front page you can preview the page but you canít view the HTML code.

27.    F Study of Top college web sites is known as project B.

28.    T The 7c's "customization & community" do not apply to the client ?

29.    T The 7cs are listed in order from most important to least important.

30.    F It is not important for managers to know about search engine.

31.    F   We can use the 7 c's to analyze a c++ tutorial web site and this is known as project C.

32.    T Students usually don't have difficulties learning object oriented programming in compare  procedural programming.

33.    T In the 7 c's completeness means there is enough  volume to the site.

34.    F A good web site should have currency meaning should be up to the price.

35.    F The 7 c's are content, correctness, currency, completeness, compelling, consistency, customization and community.

36.    F Every web page starts with </html>


37.    T for one of our projects we need to choose a college and the college has to be in the top ten e.g. Princeton.

38.    T C and C++ have features and characteristics of high-level language, but cannot manage low-level features.

39.    T Color does not play a role in a college webpage, it is better to be simple and easy with no color.

40.    F 7 Cís is an important way to critic a C++ tutorial website in project B.

41.    F Consistency refers to that everything is in order and has a common structure

42.    T The first three C's are listed in order from most important to least important as content, correctness, currency

43.    T provides a free hosting and domain name with a unlimited space to upload and transfer time.

44.    T color="#FF0000" represents the black color (e.g. RGB).

45.    T All the C++ program begins and ends with <HTML> and </html>

46.    F A C++ loop, such as the while, for, or do...while, makes it possible that a task can be performed over and over as many times as is needed.

47.    T Color Safe colors are html colors that are divided by 66

48.    T  The seven Q's are the criteria we use for analyzing websites.

49.    T  Color-safe colors are used in a website to make sure that the colors on our sites are the same on all PC's

50.    T Computing data is faster than searching for data already compiled.

51.    F Managers do not need to have knowledge of programming.

52.    F <input type = "button"> will produce a text input box on your web page with a password.

53.    T   The <html> tag must be anchored href =  by </html>

54.    F When designing a page by FrontPage, a lot of unnecessary  HTML code will be added.

55.    F In software a buffer is used to send and receive emails.

56.    T cout stands for console out and is used in Java language.

57.    T Google is a great search engine that should be used on academic web sites.

58.    T WCM stands for Word Class Management.

59.    T  The project for the topics in MIS is to build a e-commerce web page for a Business such as a tutoring system.

60.    T Many managers do not test their web page for errors such as testing the search interface for correctness

61.    T Most e-commerce businesses have a simple web page and donít incorporate intelligence in their system.

62.    F It is not a duty of a IT manager to understand as how information systems are designed and implemented.

63.    F The advantage of CGI over JavaScript, that a CGI can manipulate files and databases while JavaScript can not handle files.

64.    F Understanding of HTML is an important factor in design and maintaining a business webpage.

65.    F JavaScript provides not many functions that a business web designer can benefit, from it. Therefore they must start from scratch using JavaScript.


66.    T For a business, it is better to use a free domain, web hosting and work slowly and surely than spend good money on a powerful web hosting and web page design.


67.    T JavaScript uses DIM to declare variables and VBScript uses VAR.


68.    F You can place your business on top of the search engine by letting other businesses to link to your page.


69.    T Color does not play a role in a business page, it is better to be simple with no color.

70.    T provides a free hosting and domain name with a short redirection.

71.    F AEAEAE represents a silver color.

72.    T  It is a good practice and faster to enter a social security number for username login

73.    T  A manager after the design of the web business must decide as which platform (APACHE or IIS ) wants to reside the page.

74.    T A UNIX system is better for a business because it is free and no need for a licensing.

75.  T  A Window system is better because it is more secure than Unix.

76.   T With the double click on a web page one can view the source code of a web page.

77.    T Use of multimedia in a webpage is preferred over the speed of a web page access.

78.    F Users care about the accuracy of the content of a business page and donít care if a webpage is friendly, overwhelmed or easy to browse.

79.    T   C++ is a slower programming language in compare to VB and Java.

80.    T HTML stands for Hyper-Link Makeup Language and it consists of several tags that are used to format a web page.

81.    F <A HREF=Ē#listĒ> will refer to a name for a match in the same webpage.

82.    F An html file can be saved as with extension html, htm or txt.

83.     T In HTML color code #FFFFF, each FF represents red, green and black respectively.

84.     F BGCOLOR will set the color of text font and BGSOUND add sound to your page.

85.    F Four important components of a search program are: request, loop, response and declaration of variables.

86.    F Usually a program is larger in size than a data file.

87     T FrontPage will generate HTML code but the code will not work in web host such as Yahoo.

88.    F A web browser will detect an error If you donít end a tag such as <HTML> with /.

89.    F  Input type can have text, checkbox, radio button, password, submit and reset.

90.    F JavaScript, JAVA, C++ and VBscript can be embedded in HTML code.

91.    F "main" in c++  mean the main  function of the program like main street.

92.    F Every search engine have a interface so that user select or type the request.

93.    F Every search engine has to display a message such as "not found" or "not matched"

94.    T FrontPage is a program to build a website and to host the  page.  

 95.   T The questions from quiz are from Journal. textbook and general knowledge.

96.    F Before C++ there was a language called B and BCL.

97.    T The key combination ALT and "Print Screen"  will copy a snapshots of the screen.

98.    F All C++ program begins and ends with { and end with //

99.    F All the search programs have to contain a decision statement such as if.

100.  T  Dr Ebrahimi has his own programming language known as VPCL (Visual Plan Construct language).







Test # 1

T/F1)Do you think 7 c' s are important?

T/F2)People buy more product online then going to store.

T/F3)Internet is not very useful tool for web search.

T/F 4)Understanding of HTML is an important tool in business web design?

T/F5)To advertise your business you can get free geocities account.

T/F6)In order to get batter website you need to spend good amount of money.

T/F7)With e-business, cars can be sold without showrooms, in order to lower the price.

T/F8)In your Front page you can preview the page but you canít  view the HTML code.

T/F9)Every other colleges now offering programming courses.

T/F10)Did you really learn something new from this course or from DR. Ebrahimi?






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