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(spring 2007)

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* 1-30-07   

find out about project for top 10 college website analyze website and find error follow up 7c (cambia university )

                1. Content-  There is volume  to the site.

                2. Correctness- The context and data on the site is right.

                3. Currency - The website up to date.

                4. Completeness- There are no broken links.

                5. Compelling- The site is pretty.

                6. Consistency- Everything is in order and has a common structure.

                7. Customization & Community- The website serves the

we try to analyze Princeton, Suny Suffolk, website and found out error we found the results for it which was excellent job for William




       today's menu 

1 review the last class

2 project B

study of errors and features

 learning system

 c++ tutorial

use text book as a guideline

3 project A discussion and selection

4 problem and obstacles

we going to discuses about our next project which will be on  study or errors and features.

seven W's  what , where, when, why, whom, how, wow regarding your school website discuss a little background for your website

my 1st project is Columbia university and find out about errors and features because people use internet everyday and use their website try to look for it which they can't find it we should help them.

Look at the HTML code of your website and see if the code is written well.   For instance are the colors on the site "Color Safe" are they colors that display correctly on a projector.  Color Safe colors are html colors that are divided by 33.

To look at the code of a website move the mouse over the page click the right mouse button and then left click "View Source"




-review of last class. class web management everyone should have own web either the same as class web or better

-project B tutorial on C++ analysis criteria

-quiz please post it up. please look at the sample is there any questions?

-research why students have difficulties learning OOP

online programming learning how to evaluate website

-problems and obstacles my second project and i m going to find errors and 7cs.



1. review

2. preparation for quiz (true/false)

3. textbook run a search program explain how does it work compare it with your project study searches pick up a unique one and place it in your assignment

4. research why is important for message to know about search engine how does a search program work.

5. demo

6. problems, obstacle 










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