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Hong Kong Action Star Chow Yun Fat signed on to appear as Kage!

7 January, 2002


Academy Award winning composer John Williams and Hip Hop Mogul Puffy Daddy have teamed up to bring you the AXE: Original Sound Track.

Williams will contribute original compositions to this exciting film marking a truly momentous occasion in anime history.

Puffy Daddy will be remixing his Top 40 hits including: 

Remixes of his Remix of The Police hit: Every Breath You Take

Remixes of his Remix of Grand Master Flash's "The Message"

More to come...


3 February 2002

Click here to read the 1st part of our exclusive interview with ANG LEE director of AXE: Fellowship of Anime!


2 February 2002

Left to Right: Fabulous Joe, Rob Fung, Silver Khosla, Nathan Fukuda, Rob Choo Chee and John Voong.

Respective roles:
Left to Right: Robin Shou, Sammo Hung, Marcus Chong, Garret Wang, Marlon Wayans and Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Upon signing the multi billion dollar agreement to immortalize their story on the silver screen, the AXE TEAM celebrate at the Swiss Chalet on the Annex, a Four Star experience in fine dining!

Billy Dee Williams Leaves The Cast of AXE THE MOVIE

1 February 2002

Citing creative differences, Billy Dee Williams abruptly walked off the set of AXE: THE MOVIE!

Currently taking advantage of the U of T holiday break, primary camera crews have set up elaborate recreations on location at the Sigmund Samuel building to film the pivotal "Debut AXE show" scenes.

Replacing Billy Dee Williams in the role of Rob Choo Chee will be Marlon Wayans, currently being flown to reshoot key scenes including:

"Moving the stereo equipment"

"Creating membership cards"

"Evicting the AXE groupies"

"Listening to bootleg SM soundtrack cd's in the hall way"

Also worth noting, the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the signing of Shawn Wayans to star as the enternally enigmatic Steve Choo Chee!

Shawn Wayans as Steve Choo Chee and Marlon Wayans as Rob Choo Chee. More to come...


3 January 2002

Variety reports that ANG LEE has signed on to direct the AXE project, replacing Joel Schumacher. Filming has already begun at University of Toronto St. George campus.

Immediately upon signing to direct this monumental project, the award winning director announced there is too much material for just one film, and that AXE will be a trilogy. The first installment will be released this year on December 25 and successive films in the trilogy will be released on Christmas day of 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Casting call for ANIMEXTREME: THE MOVIE!

1 January 2002

The Newspaperthief2000 Film Division present you with our very first full length feature, the biography of the Men of Axe, aptly titled: Animextreme!

Make no mistake about it... rumors circulating around Hollywood say that there is a bidding war between other major hollywood studios for the rights to this lucrative film property! But we assure you here at the Newspapethief2000, that only we have the complete rights to this picture! Production has already begun and other major Hollywood stars are finalizing contracts to be a part of cinema history!

All the actors listed have already signed on to be a part of anime history to present you with the accurate and detailed story about Animextreme, the only anime club in Toronto that continues to "keep it real!"

Billy Dee Williams as Rob Choo Chee

Headlining this significant milestone in anime biography history is Marcus Chong playing the role of the ever enigmatic and irrepressible co founder of Animextreme: Silver Khosla!

Marcus Chong has worked on block buster Hollywood hits including The Matrix and Panther and also has a multitude of television credits including Vanishing Son, Beauty And The Beast and Chicago Hope!

Marcus is sure to bring a smorgusboard of theatre experience to the screen in this challenging role as Silver Khosla!

Dennis Dun from Big Trouble In Little China as Dan and Ron Jeremy The Hedgehog starring as Wing Salvatore Cho, lesser known, but equally important members of AXE.

Cameo by Ernie Reyes Jr. starring as Young Silver Khosla in "key" flash back sequences guest directed by Cameron Crowe!

The flash back sequences directed by Cameron Crowe also feature the ASIAN GOONIE and CHUNK taking on ground breaking roles as Dan and Wing... lesser known but equally important members of AXE!

Special guest appearance by Luis Guzman as ABZ

Special guest appearance by Kristin Kreuk in a top secret role that is yet to be determined


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