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I am so glad you decided to stop in to my little corner of the web!  Come back often to see what's new, check out updates, and learn about what nursing is & isn't.  Herein, I hope to bring to light what nurses really are about, what we are not (as usually quite wrongly portrayed in the general media), why nursing is important, and some organizational dilemmas.  I have also included links to great sites about pregnancy, childbirth, and babycare. This site is now listed in the ICQ Pregnancy Chat Webring & the Poetry Haven Webring.  Send your friends, your family, your care provider - anyone you would like to have more knowledge about OB Nursing!

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What is maternity nursing about, anyway?
[It isn't just "playin' with babies" all day...!]

AWHONN:  The Association of Womens' Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nursing

A short history of me:
A Nurse's Life...

Shiftwork:  The Realm of Sleep Deprivation

JCAHO:  The Joint Committee on Accreditation of Hospitals & Organizations...

Nursing Education, Resources, Support, etc.   United we STAND...

A Nurse's Heart:  Poetry for her Patients...

Please visit Marge's, my friend & coworker, site on
Epidermolysis Bullosa... the more you know...

Nursing/Medical Humor (beware, could be habit-forming...!)

Baby Bill of Rights (March of Dimes)

LINKS!! A space full of great links to information about pregnancy, birth, midwifery, lactation, breastfeeding, babies, etc. 
will find what you're seeking here!

Potions from the Past: read about how people in past times treated & "cured" illnesses... don't try these at home!

Shops:  Uniforms & Equipment          Photo Gallery (yes, it's about me!)

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