Here are pics of me, for those of you who just HAD to see them...

12/18/99 - another pre-Christmas Party Pic!  Thanks, Nick, for inviting me...!

December 17, 1999... ready to head out for a Christmas Party at the home of one of the physicians I work with!

01/05/99 - Wow, what happened to this straight hair?!

This is me from sometime in 1998. 

9/5/99 . . . Looking happy!  Hey, why not, having a 'good hair day'!

10/13/99 (my dad's 71st Birthday!) - at home, early a.m., 'au naturel'... Looking all of my 40-something years...

The "Glam Gallery"

Yes, the Glamour Shots!  Aaaaack!
Mine were taken at Cross Creek Mall,
November 1991.  They were meant as a
Christmas Present for my now es-husband;
I have rescued them from his ownership! 

I was 33 years old when these were made -
and already suffering from the effects of ovarian cancer (which would actually not be
diagnosed until May 6th, 1992)

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