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                    Pregnancy & Childbirth Sites

ParenthoodWeb's Pregnancy & Labor Corner: Pregnancy & labor information
   including calendars, articles, ultrasound images, ovulation predictors, journals,
   birth stories, chat, discussion boards, & more!

About Pregnancy: A pregnancy calendar, 'belly gallery', u/s gallery, & everything
   you could ever want to know about pregnancy.  Free newsletters, chats, forums.

Alternative Parenting: Articles relating to birth & breastfeeding.

Birth Stories: Searchable collection of 400 birth stories ranging from the "perfect
   birth" to stories about those with many complications. Learn about birth plans & make one online!  You can return to
   update it, also!

Childbirth Resources @ Various articles about pregnancy
   & childbirth preparation.

Drug Risk Categories for Pregnancy & Lactation: Database on the effects of drugs
   and environmental agents in pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Enemas & Childbirth: An article explaining the use of enemas to speed labor,
   provide hydration, and stimulate contractions.  (Moms-to-be, ask if your facility
   provides these or if your obstetrician requires these when YOU are in labor!)

ePregnancy: All through pregnancy - from before conception to after birth!  Lots
   of articles, interactive features, forums & other news, ideas & resources to keep
   you informed & inspired throughout your "waiting time."

FamilyWeb Home Page: Read about others' birthing experiences!

HELLP Syndrome Birth Stories: featuring stories by moms who have experienced
   HELLP Syndrome or Pre-Eclampsia during their pregnancies.

Interactive Pregnancy Calendar:
Interactive tool to build a day-by-day customized
   calendar detailing the development of a baby from before conception to birth.

Labor of Love: Pregnancy journals, message boards, birth stories & more!

Labor Resources -  Everything you wanted to know about labor &
   birth but were afraid to ask!

Lamaze FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Lamaze teaching method.  An organization dedicated to providing natural childbirth
   education, midwifery, and pregnancy resources.

Nutrition & Nourishment During Labor: An article discussing eating & nourishment
   before & during the early parts of labor.

Parents Place Pregnancy
:  Pregnancy resources from the first online parenting website!

Pregnancy HelpDesk: Childbirth information plus month-by-month pregnancy guide,
   tests during pregnancy, and many links.

Pregnancy Today: A resource & community for expectant parents offering an expert
   Q&A, birth planner, boards, birth stories, articles, calculators, news, trivia, games, &
   more to guide you through pregnancy with the greatest of ease!

Stories of Fathering Infants: Dads' side of birth & the early days, from the FatherWork
   site.  Remember, it takes TWO!

The Compleat Mother Magazine: all about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.  Very
   opinionated with lots of humor throughout.

Welcome to BabyCenter: BabyCenter is your complete resource for pregnancy & baby.
   Created by parents & reviewed by doctors & other experts.  Current articles, answers to
   thousands of questions, week by week information, baby name finder, connections with
   other parents online, a huge baby store, and more!

Write a Meaningful Birth Plan:  Informative articles about things to consider when writing
   your birthing plan.

                        Sites on Midwifery & Doulas

Becoming a Doula - Motherstuff: Information on steps to becoming a doula (labor partner!).

CAPPA: Doula & childbirth educator certification programs.

Dear Midwife -  Visiting with Anne Sommers, Licensed Midwife:  Dear Midwife includes a
   discussion forum for expectant moms considering home birth & water birth.

Doulas of North America (DONA):  DONA is the International Association of Doulas - trained
   labor support.  More & more women are learning about this option - a woman who focuses
   wholly on "mothering the mother."   Doula support has been shown to lower c/section rates!

Gently Borne Midwifery: Unassisted birth story, recipe for breastmilk-based soap, other
   resources & information.

Locate a Midwife, Worldwide!: This site lists contact information for midwives, doulas,
   childbirth educators & lactation consultants from around the world.  Some articles &
   important links are also provided.

Midwifery Today:  Online version of a magazine promoting midwifery & natural childbirth.

Midwifery, Pregnancy, Birth, Childbirth, Breastfeeding:  Resources for midwives, nurses,
   doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, & parents!

The Midwife & Home Birth:  Video which traces the history of midwives with interviews,
   pictures, and articles.

                   Alternative Birthing Methods

Alexander Technique & Natural Childbirth: How the Alexander Technique can help natural birthing.

Cyndi's Childbirth Page: Information on natural birth, homebirth, unassisted birth.  Also:  birth story,  sample "home-to-hospital transport" birth plan.

For a Natural Birth, There's No Place Like Home:  An article discussing the advantages of having a  home birth.

Homebirth - Safety & Benefits:  Collection of articles & source material about home-birthing.

Labor Pictorial: Come see what labor was like for Anita's second birth - a waterbirth at home!

Our Waterbirth Decision:  Information on having a water-birth.  Personal story & links to other

Water Baby Video & Waterbirth Resources List: Documentary video including actual waterbirths  & sequences with waterbirth pioneers.  Also has listing of over 650 birth providers
that have  waterbirth services.

Water Birth: - A Gentle Birth Choice:  Informative articles about the advantages of birthing in water.

Waterbirth Website: Educational site about the value of water labor & waterbirth.  Includes stories,  information, and resources about how to prepare for a waterbirth.

                                Breastfeeding Sites -
               The Natural Way to Nourish YOUR Baby!

Birth & Breastfeeding: Shenandoah's Birth Stories and Homebirth related articles.  This is the place for help & information on breastfeeding.  Detailed information,
   book reviews, humor, a directory of lactation consultants and more!

Lactation, Breastfeeding, Infant Nutrition:  Information & products to help nursing mothers.  Informative site with many unique breastfeeding resources.  Highlights
   include the advocacy, humor, & "stuff that will make you mad" sections.

Breastfeeding & Baby Products:  a complete line of breastfeeding products; brand-names, etc.

BFAR - Breastfeeding After Reduction
:  Find out about breastfeeding after breast reduction
   surgery from women who are doing it or will be!  A support & resource area for women
   considering breastfeeding after breast-reduction.

                               Miscellaneous Sites

Childbirth Injury Net:  Home of the Worldwide Fund for Mothers Injured in Childbirth.

MCW HealthLink:  News & Information about pregnancy & childbirth from the Medical
   College of Wisconsin.

Maternity.Com: Maternity and pregnancy essentials on-line shopping catalog.

Free Stuff!:  All free for parents-to-be, parents, and babies!

Hablar Espanol?! - Bebitos - Educacion Prenatal:  Educacion para el embarazo, parto y lactancia

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